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Wescoe needs to clear the air

KU doesn't care. I worked there, all they care about is getting rid of you before you are vested in the KPERS. I tried to change things when I worked there, so much bs that I gave up. Moving a state institution is like moving a mountain, a little nudge at a time and sometimes it will kill you.

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

There needs to be a roundabout there too!

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Flashing yellow leads to motorcycle accident on Clinton Parkway

I stopped at a green light yesterday on accident, but I only got honked at :oP

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Flashing yellow leads to motorcycle accident on Clinton Parkway

I saw them doctoring the motocycelist, there was blood all over the place.

This wouldn't have happened if it was a roundabout!

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'Mean' label has different meaning to homeless

Hummm... Homeless who don't work, illegal aliens, and Americans who "won't do the jobs that illegal aliens are here to do"

I have an idea for all of the bums and such that habitat Lawrence and KC area, help send the illegal people back and start by doing the jobs that the illegals are here doing!

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Campus arsonist pleads

Maybe they can find their stuff at the yellow house?

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Gecko migrates north to Kansas

will they help build the SLT? Maybe the geckos will drive out the salamanders along 31st St!

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Ryun goes to Iraq

My bad, i wrote in haste, it's a M998.

July 3, 2006 at 9:26 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Ryun goes to Iraq

Arminius - I have pictures with my troops that Kerry was there(spring 2005 I believe), but again it was another dog and pony show. One of the few uparmored vehicles at the time HAD to be on the ready at ALL times for just such visits by "dignataries" from DC.

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Ryun goes to Iraq

Sweet, he got to go... Another dog and pony show for him. I wonder if he got to drive for 10 days in a Hummer (M918) that got as chilly as 105 deg on missions?

Did he get to eat that crappy seafood meal?

I wonder if his party ever was denied coming in or going out of a camp by the KBR civilians that run the gates?

Or did he get to ride in that same M918 that does not have uparmor on the underside and top?

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