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KU Student Senate to lobby for renters

I think everyone has a horror story, I have rented in Lawrence for six years and have only renewed my lease once and that renewal is at Hutton Farms, I have had no problems with the management or my home. When I put in a work order it is fixed that day and everyone in the office is very helpful. It's ironic becasue I have a horror story from when I rented from Park 25. The people below me were having water leak into their apartement from mine, they came into my bathroom and pulled my faucet handles off the shower when I was not home- I called them and said I knew it was the toilet and not the shower , they wouldn't give me back my faucet handles for two days- this was my only bahtroom. When they did put them back, they found the leak in the toilet like I had said two days earlier. It ended up taking them two weeks to take care of the leak and the repair included putting a hole in my bathroom floor. I could see into my neighbors bathroom everytime I used the bathroom, that hole was there for two weeks, not very private. I'm not saying that one company is better than the other, I think we all have horror stories. Renters need to protect themselves by documenting everything- if you are a smart renter those horror stories aren't so horrifying.

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