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Opinion: Pope’s vision shouldn’t be surprise

Excellent column. Just excellent.

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District orders changes to 8th grade slavery lesson

Liberty275. We may be past shackles and chains on our slaves (at least in public), but unfortunately we as a society are not yet past slavery. There continues to be what is now called "human trafficking". It's slavery, plain and simple, and it is going on right now, all over the world - including the USA.
So yes, our children need to learn this.

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Letter: Senate grinches

Senator Dole is part of a now almost extinct group of leaders - a statesman. Not a politician. Even though he has retired, I use the term IS because he obviously still keeps up to date with current political events and apparently felt strongly enough about this bill to attend the vote. A now frail man who did dedicate his life to serving not just the people of Kansas, but the entire US. Sighting one of these rare specimins in the political sewer that has now become our Nations Capitol is likely impossible. Instead we get folks like Moran and Roberts, who are blindly led by *shudder* someone like Santorum.
Ms. Slimmer, by comparing our current Kansas Senators to grinches, you do the grinches a disservice.

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Report: Sebelius violated politicking ban

Amen Autie!

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Marriage threats

tomatogrower - Brownback and Phelps? If nothing else they share that fear.

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Sound Off: Is it legal if a person has parked their vehicle in their driveway, but a portion of the

acg- so....*Gasp, I'm not the only person on the planet* *Snivel and whine that I am inconvenienced a little bit*
That seems to be a more appropriate attitude for those folks who are so self centered that they block the pedestrialn right of way. It's too inconvienent to pull into their garage (or maybe the garage is full of other "stuff"), or up on their driveway, or park on the street. Which, by the way, are all places that cars have a right to be. Where they DON'T have the right to be is on the sidewalk.

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Vacuum cleaner dilemma

I spent over $500 on a Dyson Animal (the purple one) about 9 years ago. I did replace the clutch (handyman hubby, actually) a few months ago, but I blame that failure on preteen/teen boy vacuumers (who definitely do not pre-pickup a lot of the big stuff) and who have weird things like BB's in their rooms that hide in the carpet until sucked up. I LOVE the Dyson, and I will buy another when this one eventually hits the dust.

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Sound Off: What’s the number to call to stop telemarketers from calling my phone?

Too true about Jenkins. Do y'all also get the mailings? I've wondered a couple of times how much of *our* tax money she spends trying to convince us she's doing a great job representing our interests (that's a discussion for another day)
I do have fun with the "political survey" calls, tho. From the get-go you can figure out which party they're from and what their agenda is. I actually enjoy giving them my answers.....

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Lecompton elects council members

If you decide to run for office and work as a public servant, you'd darn well better expect that not everyone is going to be happy with what you're doing. In other words, what the heck did they expect? So they got in a snit and quit?

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Holocaust survivor recounts story to students

I used to snoop around the old prison camp in East Lawrence, it was close to where I think the City Garage is (slightly north). I had always been told it was a German camp, though. I wish I'd taken pictures of it....

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