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City commissioners approve $800,000 worth of work to support area around Poehler Lofts project

How dare you say this area isn't a true neighborhood. In this East Lawrence neighborhood there are homeowners, renters from all walks of life, ammenities and services. Living in these residences are single families, students, professionals...both white and blue collar, all of these residents contribute to the community in Lawrence. These are residents and business owners who will look out for each other, this would be my definition of a 'true neighborhood'. There are exisitng businesses that are vital and new busines ventures that will be vital to the Lawrence community that desire to place their roots in this area and provide jobs. Do these businesses and homeowners, who pay their property taxes, not deserve storm water drains and decent roads that are navigable without potholes? There are numerous homes that have been restored beyond their current market value in hopes of exceeding community expectations. Do these homeowners not deserve a decent road to traverse? In addition, there are parks, schools, and trails that provide neighborhood residents with service and recreation. I don't know how much you have traveled outside the state of Kansas, but by nationwide standards, this IS definitely a TRUE NEIGHBORHOOD.

January 16, 2013 at 7:02 p.m. ( | suggest removal )