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If KU beats Kansas State, should fans tear down the goal post?

It's not going to happen this year. KU is probably one of the worst teams in all of Div-1 FB!

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Topeka repeals domestic violence law

Topeka sucks.

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Don’t count KU out of basketball title chase

It seems that KU is in a general decline sports and academics-wise. With the ticket scandals, fights between the teams, previous terrible AD, and a wuss of a FB coach compared to his predecessor, it's no wonder KU is suffering in all levels of success right now. It needs to change starting with a new chancellor! The basketball team might be lucky to squeak by with a Big 12 title this year but I don't think it's likely with this weak recruiting class.

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KU basketball ‘mini plans’ include tickets for big games

Could loss of demand have something to do with lower expectations on the team this season? This KU team might clench the Big 12 title if they are lucky. I just don't see the talent here. Hopefully, I'm wrong!

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KU officials say they're concerned about declining enrollment; fewer students on campus this fall

This couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that alot of students graduating from HS are leaving Kansas in higher numbers recently, especially with the way this state is headed with it's crazy leadership? Who would want to stay here with all the cuts to education, arts, and the like?

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Is it appropriate for employers to evaluate an applicant's social media?

A potential employer told me in a phone interview that he checked my social media sites and looked for pics of me with any tatoos or piercings. I got an offer from them eventually but of course turned it down. Hope anyone else that gets an offer from nosy employers does the same thing. Teach them a lesson!

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What sport was your high school best at?

LHS hasn't really had good FB since the days when this town had just 1 high school. The split really hurt the talent.

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Colorado officials mystified by Brownback's letter on water deal

Like I said, It's more balanced here. In Kansas, everything is extreme right. Lawrence isn't what I would call "Liberal" either. Boulder is quite a bit more progressive than Lawrence.

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Colorado officials mystified by Brownback's letter on water deal

That's because here in Colorado we tend to vote for more moderate, balanced candidates! Kansas is a whacky place for politics!

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Brownback says state is returning to feds $31.5 million health care reform grant

^Hopefully, your sarcastic or just plain lunacy to think SB would even come within a million miles of winning the presidential election. Rick Perry stands a better chance than the crackpot governor you have in KS.

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