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Disciplinary action taken against Haskell employees after investigation of student-athlete test scores

An unfortunate situation for Haskell, however from what I have observed the Athletic program is getting back on track and appears to be picking up and moving forward. I caution folks to reexamine the article and note the investigations stems from 2008 which leads me to believe the situation has been dealt with but thanks to the ANONYMOUS letter there must be some a vendetta that involves dragging the program down. Now who has privy to this information? Rumor has it, and I hope it is just rumor, there is a faction at the University trying to get rid of athletics. I sure hope that is not true, we do have some talented Native students who do value their education. As for the commenter leaving the slanderous statements about current employees working with Haskell athletics, you need to get your facts and information straight. Who was the athletic director in 2008? And didn't Haskell do away with track and field for a few years? Good luck to Haskell, its athletic programs and tot the students. Keep the faith and Onward Haskell!

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