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Analysis: Kansas will take 3 years to recover jobs

I have lived in the south for the past 11 years and this past summer was hugely successful in the Gulf areas. The beaches are beautiful, and the fishing is plentiful and the golf courses breath taking. Ask people who actually live there. Do not trust the media. That is how rumors get started. The oil spill was awful, but it was recovered quickly. Just want to set the record straight.

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Legislators grill Kan. social services official

I agree! Welfare was never meant to be a permanent way of life for people. It was designed to help you for a very short time to get back on your feet. Grow up get a job and maybe we can start using that funding to support schools and education instead of lazy people who refuse to get a job when they can just feed off of the hard working taxpayers. The jobs are available. They may not be the jobs of your dreams, but it is a start.

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Heard on the Hill: Mizzou newspaper blames end of rivalry on KU; lecturer Bernie Kish earns HOPE award; Monarch waystations find their way to Indiana, far reaches of the globe

I grew up in Lawrence and am a die hard KU fan, but I have also lived in Alabama for the past 11 years, and I have news for MU...You will never survive the SEC football season. I am sorry, but they will destroy you. You may have better luck in basketball, but if you make it far enough you will still get desroyed by KU during March Madness. Bad move.

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Mandatory reporting of child abuse is obligation not to be taken lightly

Thank you! I completely agree with you. How do you walk in on a 10 year old being raped and not try and stop it?! I think he should also serve time. Just think how many children he would have saved by doing the right thing. I think they all should serve time. Everyone from Penn State adminstration, the wife and to the charity organization who even after being told by two mothers of the abuse they still allowed this monster to be around children. We have a resposibility to protect our children and everyone has failed these poor boys. Now it's time for us all to step up and say "No longer will we tollerate this!" I say harsh punishment for sexual abuse and harsher punishment for those who turn a blind eye to it.

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Lawrence woman sentenced to prison for lewd and lascivious behavior with two girls; husband to stand trial in January

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City issues more than 140 tickets for unshoveled sidewalks

If the city can ticket every 48 hours for not having the sidewalks clear, then can tax payers ticket the city for not having the roads clear every 48 hours. At least tax payers can say they have paid for a service that isn't being provided. Not to mention the roads are a lot more important. Are there not enough real crimes out there?

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City of Lawrence employees in line for higher-than-expected year-end bonus

First of all this is something that they do every year and is not new. Second of all you don't even qaulify for $24/$48 until you've worked there five years. "Oh, thank you servant of Lawrence for putting up with our crap for five plus years. Here's $48 dollars. Maybe you can fill up your tank for another weeks worth of work! I hope this makes up for the fact that you don't recieve cost of living raises. You should be happy you have a job." Give me a break. The one thing the city can invests wisely in is people. Why don't you complain about some of the things Lawrence is really wasting money on.

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What do you think will be Ted Kennedy's legacy?

Sure he did some great things while in Senate...that's what he was being paid to do. However, he was a drunk who killed someones child when he made the choice to drive off a bridge, and justice was never seen.

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Do you support the death penalty?

A man raped and murdered my 12 year old cousin and not only admitted to it, but when asked if he'd do it again said "I don't know, maybe". Who wants to pay the bill to keep him alive? By the way, he is on death row and has been for 10 years now.

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Attorney general says 13 rapes in Lawrence, Manhattan may be connected

There was a similar case in Illinois. A serial rapist that carried a weapon and seemed to know what he was doing when it came to breaking and entering leaving little to no evidence. Turns out he used to be a cop. Also, they caught him when he slipped up and tried to break in a house with a barking dog.

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