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Roadwork: Construction planned this week

"Starting Monday, the existing Haskell Avenue will be permanently closed from 31st Street to just north of the Wakarusa River bridge. The relocated Haskell Avenue will open along with the new 31st Street alignment to the east."

Are you saying the new 31st street will be opening this week?? Please, oh, please?!?!

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Two men arrested in connection with Sunday morning shooting

If they are from Topeka, don't let them in! Problem solved. Also, staying open past 2am is just asking for problems. I've lived in Lawrence my entire life. I go out to the bars maybe 2-3 times a month. I know better than to go to Magic. I haven't been since it was Taste, but I know what's there. I just told a friend last weekend "I'm not going to Magic - I don't want to get shot." Then there's a shooting the same night. We know what type of bar you run...if you want to avoid problems in the future - play country music! People that listen to country don't carry pistols - they may have their hunting rifles in their cars - but I bet they won't pull them out and try to shoot people. But for real, I listen to rap/hip hop and would probably really enjoy your club - but my safety comes first and bottom line is - I wouldn't feel safe at your establishment. My life is more important.
1. Block the patio off with some time of barrier so that NOTHING can be passed through
2. 21 and up
3. metal detectors for everyone - and search females purses
4. Not joking about the Topekans - they bring nothing but trouble and have no regard for other peoples' lives
5. Close at 2am
6. Have armed security guards - and make sure everyone knows they are armed!
7. Have police in the parking lot at closing time (not sure how this would work - but they end up there anyways - so if they are there right at 1:45am it might help prevent violence in the parking lot)
That's my advice. Hope things work out for you and your club!

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Gary Hammer named Veritas athletic director

Mr. Hammer was my PE Teacher at Schwegler about 15 years ago! What a great teacher and man! Congratulations on your retirement and new position!

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This is THE BEST Mexican food I've had in the region. Without question! Amazing salsa, free queso when you dine in! The food is always fresh and hot. Not to mention the excellent quality of food they use. This is 100x better than El Mezcal. I use to go there all the time, but have not even been once since El Potro opened. I will not eat anywhere else for Mexican food in Lawrence. And for the sour puss that had his food spilled on him, accidents happen. For you to base your entire opinion on one visit says a lot about you. I challenge you to try again. And the fact is, you said NOTHING about the quality of food. You just complained the entire post about a server, that could have very well had a bad day, was new, or just wasn't meant to be a server. And to think you deserved the entire meal free is ridiculous. They are a business that has to make money - they comp'd your meal, be thankful for that and GET OVER IT! I urge EVERYONE that wants quality Mexican food to try it. You won't be disappointed!

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Town Talk: Golf USA going out of business; Hibachi Grill to open today; news on Lawrence Lowes darkens further; roundabout closure on tap

Does anyone know what is being built close to Taco Bell on 6th Street by Freestate? Looks like a fast food restaurant.

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Lawrence resident Denzel Daniels convicted of aggravated sexual battery

@DRsmith.... Exactly! If she doesn't remember anything...who's to say she didn't give consent! The law will always side with the drunk chick in this situation no matter what the circumstances are.

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A bird cage sits outside the home on Cynthia Street where a fire was reported on Tuesday, July 5, 20

Why would you post a photo of their dead bird...kind of heartless :(

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Mason dedication ceremony scheduled in Lawrence

The Masonic Center is no longer in the shopping center on Ousdahl & 23rd Street if that is what you are referring to. The new Masonic Center is located where Blue Planet used to be. The ceremony itself is an ancient tradition...not the location or date the building is made! I agree, it is sad to see the old Masonic Center sitting empty. It is such a cool building.

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CrimeStoppers tip leads to solving cases

@lawrenceguy40....they are not in jail because someone "ratted them out". They are in jail because they robbed 2 businesses at gunpoint! They did the crime...and now they are rightfully paying the time! If this was your business, and someone came in and took your hard earned money with a gun pointed at you...would you want that person running around free spending all that don't think so!

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