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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

Like I said, not one ACA basher on here...

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Obamacare enrollment slow in Lawrence thus far

Check out the article just posted about the problems right here in our state w/Kancare. They are willing to allow for "inevitable problems" & for a "transition" period w/their own screwed up program, but wont concede the same for the ACA's initial problems.

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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

In response to everyone bashing the ACA's technical problems from the start, look at this strictly Republican/Brownback program that is still having troubles. It has been "working" since way before Oct. 1. There will not be one single one of you ACA bashers on this thread complaining about this debacle though, will there?

"But state officials and representatives of the companies said many of the concerns are being addressed and that some problems were inevitable in the transition to KanCare, which is administered by three private insurance companies: Amerigroup Kansas Inc., Sunflower State Health Plan and United Healthcare Community Plan of Kansas."

So its essentially ok when its just our friends in Brownbacks pocket running a public/private partnership? They will fully admit that there are bound to be "inevitable problems" when its their for own for-profit business. In the health care industry none the less. They should fully understand all the potential issues that could be experienced in such a complex industry, & when servicing the entire population. Not just one measly state. When it comes to the ACA however.... How convenient.

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Obamacare enrollment slow in Lawrence thus far

Is that a logical, sane response to all of the nay-sayers? Thank you. Roll out a website/program meant to service the entire country, & then bash it when it isn't working 100% correctly from the very minute it takes off? Give it a rest, we all know that isn't even reasonable. I cant say whether this thing will be a good idea or bad, but I'd say it's better than the R's approach of rhetoric & lack of action on the same topic. Even if it doesn't work, at least it is a starting point.

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Lawrence VenturePark proposed as new name for business park on former Farmland site

Excuse me, they aren't finishing the connection of O'Connel road w/19th street?

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Lawrence VenturePark proposed as new name for business park on former Farmland site

So they aren't finishing the connection to O'Connel road, but are stopping just short? While I applaud the fiscal conservation, wouldn't it be more efficient & cost less just to finish it? It seems to me that there would be costs associated with the setup/cleanup, & if we already have a crew out there, why not just have them finish it?

We're going to eventually pay another crew to come out & finish the job & pay them to setup & cleanup their equipment. It seems the commission could be a little more concerned about spending when it comes to other projects, where they seemingly give tax dollars away, which I guess is what they'll ultimately be doing here.

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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature endorses medical marijuana

I wholly agree with you, however logic & reason are not bright points in this state. I can see it being fought tooth & nail, regardless of how idiotic & futile a good deal of us believe it to be. I just cant imagine the conservatives in this state would simply roll over on this one.

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State scraps latest plan for Clinton Lake resort, but tourism leader wants to keep idea alive

Bad idea. Lawrence & Clinton will never be a regional attraction. Please dont try to turn our lake/town into something hokie. Leave it alone. Thanks, but no thanks Sam & crew. Sounds like another sweet public/private partnership where the citizens of Lawrence get the shaft.

Has Robin Jennison even been out there recently? Having been to the swimming beach on the Southwest side of the lake recently, I will say it is terribly low & muddy. Not incredibly appealing to the regional boating community I would imagine. Not that I didnt enjoy myself, but if coming from out of town, with several other regional lakes in the area, it wouldnt be my first choice. I could be completely off base, but I dont see Clinton being a huge draw.

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Idea for Clinton Lake resort scrapped by state; city asked to approve name for Farmland business park

Exactly. Lawrence & Lake Clinton will never be a regional attraction. I know people will say that Branson was nothing back in the day. I say that is a poor example as I hope Lawrence never turns into Branson. How tacky & commercial. Shoji is pretty awesome, but I think Lawrence could do without, ha ha.

I have friends who boat at several out of state lakes, & they suggest Clinton is too muddy & small (as mentioned above), & the lake level is not regulated. They suggested that the Ozarks level is regulated by another resorvoir upstream, making it ideal for boating & water activities. With no level regulation it made it difficult to commit to such development if the lake level could recede & leave docks, & boats, etc on land. I for one didnt think it sounded like a terribly good idea, but thanks to Sam for trying to sell that away too.

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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature endorses medical marijuana

And if KS's stance w/Prohibition of alcohol stands as any barometer, it will not go over so easily.

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