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West Lawrence fun center plans on hold again as neighbors speak out; the big question looming for city's rental licensing program

Are parents unable to keep their children from going? That's what Raintree makes it sound like.

Tell your children they can't go. Some parents just don't want to be the "bad guy."

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Duplex and apartment development moving forward at the Kasold Curve; speculation about Google and Lawrence

Why doesn't this come up for a vote? Let the people decide if they want to fund a fiber project and if fails fund it privately instead. Personally I would love to see people being more aware of the opportunity and maybe get people educated on the opportunity that fiber brings to the city. Right now it doesn't seem it's going anywhere sadly.

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Buffalo Wild Wings files plans for new restaurant on South Iowa Street; update on city broadband plans

I currently work at this Buffalo Wild Wings location and you know about just as much as we do. There is talk to keep the downtown location because it does do quite a lot of business but the building is also old and needs a lot of work done. I'm sure management is also instructed not to talk about it for whatever corporate reasons.

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City to set fees for Vermont Street parking garage, eliminate some free parking at N.H. garage

What about the Plaza which has free parking year round? I would compare it closer to Downtown Lawrence than Downtown Kansas City.

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New report: Kansas highway system No. 2 in nation

To those who are complaining about the new Google ads at least the website is free. Go to the New York Times website or numerous other newspaper websites and you'll get worse. Hell like DoubtingThomas said you don't even have to give real results.

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Proposed recycling service leaves future of private curbside recycling companies uncertain

I live downtown and I sure don't have free parking. I bought a parking pass for $192. Where's the free parking?

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