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Lawrence ranked most hungover city in America

The CDC considers 5 or more drinks for men and 4 or more drinks for women on one occasion as "binge drinking." 15 or more drinks for men per week, and 8 or more drinks for women, per week, are considered as "excessive drinking." (

Lawrence's bar scene is definitely alive and well. With so many great bars and restaurants to choose from, and coupled with CDC's analyses, I am not surprised by the ranking at all. But I agree with some here; I don't believe Lawrence's alcohol consumption is any different from other college towns.

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Pedestrian injured after being struck by vehicle at Seventh and Vermont streets

It is very discouraging to see so many reports of pedestrians and cyclists finding themselves struck by drivers failing to yield with the burden to do so. City Manager David Corliss on December 11 at the Carnegie building discussed possibly establishing a pedestrian/non-motorized task force in January 2015. The task force would combine multiple groups to work on solutions for these kinds of serious problems occurring in our intersections. The youtube link to Corliss's Q&A is here, originally posted on the Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition's Facebook page:

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Kansas Gov. Brownback uses EPA rule to tie foe Davis to Obama

Gov, think again. We've got to constantly push back on a GOP that's waging a war with big money against the populace of this nation, and constantly push back against a Brownback administration that's at war with the people of Kansas. Maybe the EPA should regulate your big hot-air blowing mouth.

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Drivers, be ready for Sixth and Iowa work

You'd think engineers could have avoided a major road closure (ahem, highway 59) by finding a strategy for the work only closing one lane at a time. Hope the city and motorists are prepared for a flood of backed up traffic on 9th St.

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Portion of K-10 to be reduced to one lane for SLT project

Will the lane closure also prevent traffic from exiting K-10 onto northbound Noria Road? I rely on that intersection of Noria Rd during my daily commute home from work, and will now reroute to avoid the lane closure. I can't imagine how much K-10 traffic will seek a more open route to Lawrence and dump onto Noria and E. 1500 Rd for eight weeks or so. What I can imagine is this is just the beginning of construction woes in the K-10 corridor.

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Survey gives a peek at what's on the minds of Douglas County residents

I've lived in Lawrence nearly all my life, and never once have I been offered the opportunity of participating in a survey like this. Feeling a little left out of the demographic. How and when did these get distributed? Anyone else never hear of this?

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Obama gets a taste of Kansas City barbecue alongside some fellow citizens; plans to speak in K.C. today

Not mentioned in the article is that according to KCUR news Obama ordered $1400 in take out from Oklahoma Joe's and brought aboard Air Force One on his way out of KC. That's a hell of a compliment to one of the city's best BBQ restaurants.

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

Just because one person and family are adversely affected by outdoor smoking on Mass St. is reason enough for a petition to be circulated? I will oppose such a petition. Yes, smokers should be considerate around pedestrians and not blow smoke in people's direction, especially children. But smokers, who make up a substantial portion of patrons and downtown employees a like, are engaged in this activity OUTDOORS. That is where smoke belongs. I concur that the 10ft smoking distance away from entrances is good enough. Don't inhale it if you don't like it and calm the heck down.

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City prepares to put $25 million police headquarters plan on November ballot

Good point. Regret stating that. Just frustrating the city only needs a small portion, but that's business.

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City prepares to put $25 million police headquarters plan on November ballot

It's funny city commissioners ended up choosing the most costly development location, according to Treanor's studies. I'm kind of peaved at Hallmark, whose sale of land without breaking up the acreage will cost the city an additional 3.2 million on top of their estimate. I also really don't see how this location offers more expedient access to North Lawrence, south Lawrence, or the city jail compared to downtown.

And what will become of their downtown offices? Will residents face another round of tax increases for modification of that building, for more courtrooms, perhaps? Can't hurt to wonder what's next.

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