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Kansas medical board not taking action against Planned Parenthood

McQuade should definitely pursue litigation against Brownback. The allegations were a smear campaign, plain as day. My opinion is my own.

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Sustainability board votes to work on proposal to reduce plastic bag use

Retailers here default to plastic bags in check out lines. I would ask to what degree is it the consumer's burden with the choice to use them? Will the balance of retailers inLawrence stop defaulting to plastic or offer other kinds of bags at the checkout line (some do already, but try Walmart or Target). One has to remember to ask for paper or bring their own bags. I agree with Spomer, a 5 cents fee probably wouldn't amount to much reduction. Why can't they urge the retailers to stop providing them? And I agree with other commenters, the city needs to accept plastic bag recycling, even if it means they ought to be separated from other recyclables. Unless more recycling options become available, the majority of them are going to the landfill, or unfortunately, as these sustainability groups point out, their fate tends to be litter for all to see.

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Editorial: Construction plans

^^What he said. If there is room to build an enclosed walkway, like I've used in other cities, that would be the smartest solution to the pedestrian access issue.

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Lawrence officials hear concerns over Kasold Drive reconstruction; project faces slight delay

Kasold should never be converted to one of the city's cute little "complete streets." It was not made for that purpose. It is obviously not getting unanimous support from the community. No, No, No, No, Nope! Bring that project somewhere else, where it may matter more.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

More residents should take opportunities to participate in the discussion of this plan. My personal opinion is that I dislike thoroughfares going on any "diet" at all. Volumes of vehicles need to be let through to where they are going efficiently. Reducing lanes to one in either direction does not seem efficient to the vehicle driver, no matter what study is published in whatever city. I agree that bicycle lanes and pedestrian safety are great features to have built in a community, and yes these kinds of roads are safer. Will pedestrians and cyclists increase use of this slimmer roadway? No one knows for sure. I certainly don't observe more cyclists and pedestrians using 9th street since it was reduced to two lanes. 9th street connects downtown with Iowa St: two shopping districts, short trips which would be beneficial walking or biking. But that short stretch of Kasold really doesn't connect cycling or pedestrian-friendly shopping districts, nor does it connect to any other bicycle lanes in town. There aren't very many round trip paths for cycling or walking there. For that matter, crossing 6th St, either walking or cycling can be dicey and even dangerous at times. I guess I don't share the city's vision of Complete Streets. With this Kasold plan, I only envision motorists frustrated and not able to connect to intracity destinations like 6th and 31st St in an efficient, timely manner. That is what happened to 9th St., and now it is a commuting headache during rush hour.

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On anniversary of Quantrill's Raid, received knowledge about historic event faces scrutiny

Are people still submitting documentation or photos for historians to investigate any additional buildings thought to have survived the downtown raid?

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Warehouse Arts District bistro proposal hangs in limbo

I think the bistro is a neat idea there, but too bad noise could be an issue for residents living nearby. Perhaps if they had limited operation hours, say ending by midnight, that could work. That area won't stay quiet for long, though. Decade is undergoing changes that will take effect very soon (no spoilers, though), and it is directly nearby residential housing. I don't see why this Bistro should get the boot just because they want to do something different. Hopefully the developer and owner can aim to best serve the surrounding community with food offerings and entertainment during business hours everyone thinks would be reasonable, without hurting their profit margin.

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City to consider reducing number of lanes on portion of Kasold Drive; new info on pending appointment of commissioner; report estimates Rock Chalk tourneys add $4.4 million to economy

Reducing ANY lanes of traffic to one or two-lane roadway is the most assinine, anti-growth, waste of taxpayer money the city has or will try to achieve this decade. Completely moronic to think mere data will compare to this city in RL traffic situations. I use Kasold all the time to commute from 6th to 31st. What about other folks who use it, too? It is a Thoroughfare, city commission. Not a neighborhood street with which to expose to some reduced-capacity experiment. I don't get it. Reduced reliability on automobile transportation? Is anyone really reducing motorized vehicle transportation in significant numbers? If the city commission wants the town to grow, it should leave thoroughfares like Kasold and the more recent 9th Street debacle alone.

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City: Former mayor used government credit card for personal expenses, claiming his own cards had been 'compromised'

Where did this guy come from, and how was he even elected Mayor? If someone is using (abusing) a credit card whose account he does not personally own, he has no place working in a corporate office, let alone working in a city office. How completely dumb. Get a financial advisor already, Mr. Farmer!

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Topeka to consider banning public nudity

Put your clothes back on, Topeka. C'mon. And a third attempt in order to make exceptions for breast feeding and children? Who struck down those exceptions in the first two ordinance proposals? Meanwhile, that guy on the trail is running around pantsless. What would his mother say?

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