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Two dead after car crash west of Tonganoxie

I agree with Robin prayers for both families is the right thing to do. Not worry about who was doing what.

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No charges in last week's crash, chase involving animal control vehicle

If this was any of my kids they would have been charged. Maybe they are related to an officer I have seen that happen.

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One police officer accused of fixing traffic tickets no longer a city employee; second officer still on suspension

These 2 officers are not the only ones that fix tickets. Lets see how many family members of officers actually pay tickets? You telling me that family members of every officer never speeds, runs stop signs, etc.

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Ottawa Extreme Makeover house to be unveiled at 7 p.m. tonight

Why do you have to have something dramatic happen to your family in order to get a house from extreme makeover. What about the people who work and just live a normal life........

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Drivers, spectators get dirty at demolition derby

I think I know who you are talking about. I think the derby in Lawrence will be going downhill with the new guys from out of state taking over. What was Douglas county thinking. My son had to pay $20 for a pit pass and $10 to get in and watch the derby. Thats not fair when all the other pitman and drivers didnt have to pay the extra $10. Believe me we are fighting it on Monday. My son will probably not drive again in Lawrence. Lawrence used to be the number 1 derby but now I think Mclouth, Tongie, Overbrook, and Ottawa are way better and alot more fun to watch.

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9-year-old boy hit by vehicle Saturday afternoon recovering from concussion, ‘road rash’

He is doing ok. Lots of road rash and concussion but no broken bones. Prayers help and he is a strong little boy.

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19-year-old killed, 4 injured in car accident

Momofk"For the people that are standing outside by the tree, you need to watch what you are doing too. My husband and I were driving on that road today and we were going like 20 mph and some idiot kid ran out in the middle of the road and put his hands up and yelled slow down! Just because your friend died doesn't mean you have to blame the whole world for your problem. You could've caused another accident by us running our suv into you. Next time you need to think about who you may be doing that to b/c my husband is not a small man and if he would've knew what you were doing he would've gotten out of the car and put you in your place."Regarding the comment above I am confused as to whether you are bragging about being the owner of an SUV and the size of your husband or if you are complaining. When you and/or your husband was 19 years old I am sure you made some bad decisions in your life perhaps your bad decisions were not fatal. Casey made a bad decision; him, his family and friends are and will continue to pay the ultimate price. No one is an angel. Let us all learn from his bad decisions and let Casey rest in peace.

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One dead in early morning car wreck

Casey will always b loved and never forgotten, ppl need to quit spreding false stuff and thank cj for what he did do and the affort he put in instead of hating for the stuff he did wrong or didnt do, he is the one who closed caseys eye and i will never forget him for this.. WE LOVE YOU CASEY RIP

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1 dead, 4 injured in south Lawrence car wreck

I think the person that helped get the injured kids out of the car did a great job. He was trying to save lives before the car could have ingulfed in flames. He was looking out for his loved ones and it took a lot of bravery to do what he did. And as for Casey being drunk; i have been around Casey more times than most people and Casey was not always drunk. Casey was a great kid and always had a smile on his face. Casey would go out of his way to help anyone that needed help. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families involved and I pray these young girls have a speedy recovery. And as for the comment of him providing alcohol to minors Casey is a minor himself. He will be truly missed by all his friends. He was a great friend of my family.

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