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Water main break spurs detour on 19th Street

I drove through going west (I came from Harper) at 9:30 this morning and no detour signs at all.

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Westside Lawrence Farmers' Market called off

The West Side Farmer's Market will crop up there eventually, which is good for the vendors. But 6th and Wakarusa is the new Lawrence, I guess. Everything's moving (or duplicating) out there. We might as well draw a line down Iowa and rename the town east of it to match our North Lawrence. Maybe Old Lawrence? When even our Community Theatre moves up to that corner, there's a big sign of a shift. I'm not bagging on the good folks at the Community Theatre for needing a new building, but still...I wish it could actually have happened in the middle of the community. I'm all for giving Lawrence new and shiny things, but keeping resources in the eastern/downtown side of the city would be nice. Yes, I get that the other two farmer's markets are staying, but it makes me pessimistic that they'll dry up eventually.

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Jet sparks curiosity

Everyone in the world knew he was coming into Leavenworth today - it's been in national news for a couple of days now, so low key was lost a while ago. It makes sense that a jet would be in the air when a high-profile "terrorist's target" is incoming. I doubt the jet was an escort per se, but more of an insurance policy or it may have even been checking something specific out.

That also explains why nobody can give a straight answer. Routine exercises are way less of a secret than you'd think.

After 6 years at a flight base, that's my guess as well.

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Sound Off: We often see students rush the floor after defeating Kansas University in basketball. Whe

And the other 16,150 chanted, "Get-off-the-court!! Get-off-the-court!!". I remember that. We were livid.

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Town Talk: City to host meeting about converting Santa Fe Depot into transit hub; a bus system the city uses but doesn't pay for; more on gasoline prices; street renaming on city's agenda

Eric is correct. I lived there 6 years and had to remind everyone that just looking at the sign didn't necessarily tell you the price you would pay for the grade of gas you were going to buy. Most signs showed the price for 85, E-85, and diesel. (My car's manual says it requires 87, so I never got the price on the sign.)

However, with Denver being on two major interstate highways, accessibility is not the reason for higher prices of anything (ie groceries). Denver is not located deep into the mountains. Although they won't admit it, most if not all of the city is technically in the plains with mountains nearby.

Also, note that when we camped in the middle of nowhere, the tiny town prices were noticeably lower than in Denver/Colorado Springs, and they're much less accessible.

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Heard on the Hill: KU medical dean in Wichita returns from India; 'godfather' weighs in on woo debate; I'm looking for new things going on in your world

If everything changes all around us, it seems there's enough change in the world. Why can't we have a few things that don't?

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Woman proud to have Kansas’ only ‘JAYHAWK’ license plate

Plus, it's very likely they'd have a vehicle description to narrow that 150 down to a probable 1.

If the tag or vehicle or both are stolen as to cause a mismatch between vehicle and tag, the tag letters/county are useless anyway since the true identity of the driver isn't provided.

Come to think of it, if all tags are now unique, what's the point of the county designation at all?

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Most smart meters expected to be installed by year’s end in Lawrence

That website seems more concerned about billing and privacy issues than radiation. The *one* scientific paper they did reference in regards to radiation was about telecom radiation - from phones and wifi. There's no scientific evidence referenced that has studied smart meters. But in the FAQ section for radiation, whoever wrote it (whether he's really qualified or not) did admit that smart meters run on the same frequency as cell phones.

So I hope you don't have a cell phone and your internet access you're using to read this is not wifi. Even if you don't, towers and wifi are everywhere. So really, the only way to get away from this scary RF radiation is to move into the woods and get off the grid.

I don't claim to know everything - or hardly anything - about radiation. I do know that a vast majority of us don't *really* know anything about radiation on a real scientific level. We hear the word "radiation" and just think bad things and picture scenes in movies. I do know that I don't like making decisions without knowing anything, and the lack of evidence on this website leaves me still not knowing anything.

And look at one of the questions in the FAQ regarding privacy:
Q: I’ve seen a video describing how “smart” meters will make it possible for anyone to hack in and know all about my private life. Is this true?

This made me laugh. Even the answer to this question was a bunch of hot air that amounted to "we don't know". This is such a hype website.

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Some Knology customers experience Internet outages, delays

I've heard that you have to call AT&T to confirm availability because their website search is inaccurate.

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Solid Waste Task Force likely to propose city-issued recycling cart

I would pay for a *good* recycling program.

However, the current bin-based recycling program does not take glass and is therefore sub-par to the bin-based program I paid for in Colorado Springs (a mostly conservative city, by the way). It cost about $6 per month and we saved that amount in trash bags, so it paid for itself. They took everything but styrofoam and plastic grocery bags. They gave rewards points based on the weight of the bin at pickup. Those rewards points could be traded in for gift certificates. We got $10 grocery gift cards about once per year - not much but still something. It was not mandatory.

That's the kind of standard the residents here should know about and the standard that the City of Lawrence should shoot for if they undertake a recycling program. They must take glass and it must cost less than $10/month, otherwise it's unacceptable.

I don't think it should be mandatory.

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