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4-year-old Ottawa boy injured in shooting

When I commented, the article did not include that information. The LJW has an awesome habit of updating the same article multiple times during the day, especially in articles where "unnamed" persons show up. Hence my first guess of a teen sibling or a babysitter or "other visitor". But I never mentioned father. So it turns out I was right, and you're asking me if I read the article. Nice.

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Sound Off: Facilities Services

I'd still like to know what this deputy director does that qualifies him for a $120,000 salary. KU's budget problems are the cause for roach-infested buildings with constant power and HVAC outages, but still, $120,000 is a pretty nice salary for Lawrence, KS. Especially after the outside audit that had everyone up in a roar.

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4-year-old Ottawa boy injured in shooting

If it wasn't a case of improper storage, then it's a case of improper handling. The story is implying the child was shot in the home, and there's no reason a firearm should have been going off in the home (barring an intruder). If the gun were being cleaned, there's no reason it would've been loaded. So *someone* (maybe a teen sibling, babysitter, or other visitor?) was handling a loaded weapon stupidly enough for it to go off and most (most) gun owners know how to operate their own gun enough to not accidentally discharge it indoors. Which brings us back to a likely improper storage incident that gave an unauthorized person access to the gun.

If it was the gun owner who discharged it, it's still improper storage - the gun should still be in the store.

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KU Med Center cited by USDA for goat death in lab

In the research setting where animals are used, there are incredibly strict regulations. Some of these regulations actually protect researchers, but most protect the animals (which, in a way, if followed, give researchers some legal protection when sued by the likes of PETA, et al).

Incompetence is a violation. Penalties for any violation are strong, as they should be. Monitoring agencies are not comedians and this is no secret to the researchers or the vets and technicians in the facility. KUMC knows the rules and must abide by them. There is no excuse for not doing your job correctly.

Trust me, the researchers themselves get miffed (to put it lightly) when there is an unnecessary violation (when people skirt the rules on purpose out of laziness and yes, they do always get caught) or when someone who is incompetent kills a valuable animal that may have all kinds of time, supplies, and labor invested into it's rearing, not to mention the data the researcher will now not get or the serum this goat was to produce going to waste.

Remember, these rules help protect the researchers, who are funded in part by your money (if you pay taxes). Incompetence is costly, inexcusable, and wasteful.

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Sound Off: What does parking and transit at KU do with $6.2 million in parking revenue for the year?

Driving through most of the parking lots feels like off-roading.

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Town Talk: Deal to build 1,000-bedroom apartment complex at Gaslight Village Mobile Home Park falls through; speculation grows Menards looking at site for retail development

“Regrettably, the university’s enrollment numbers haven’t been strong, and they’re not anticipated to be strong in the near future,” said Charlie Vatterott, executive vice president of development for Aspen Heights. “We were very excited about that market at one time, but we have tempered that excitement.”

What he really means is they came in and actually looked at the property and found out that 6th/Wak is where it's at for sexy new things and KU doesn't have a million students like UT so there's too many apartments in Lawrence for a less than par location to do well.

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Sound Off: I am going to be out of state this winter and spring for work. I love following the Jayha

All-Access is terrible. I can't believe KU Athletics hasn't gotten with the times and is still using it. In years past, I paid $14/month and got just the two exhibition games on video streaming and after that it was just audio for the rest of the season. If they're advertising what you actually get - mostly just audio streams - that's fine, but back then they promised every game on video stream and basically canned that after the exhibition games with no explanation. It definitely wasn't worth the monthly charge, even aside from the false advertising.

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Color Run Lawrence

Because we registered ahead of time, we paid $35, which included the tshirt, headband, and an extra color packet to have fun with. I don't think that's exhorbatant for a 5K. The KC Color Run in July benefitted the Ronald McDonald House. The Lawrence Color Run benefitted The Assists Foundation. Other host cities pick different charities.

You can get all of that info at

Why paint? I's fun? It's like candy. Fun doesn't need a reason. Anyone who thought the cornstarch would harm them were invited to cover their noses with a bandana while in the color stations. Or run around the color stations completely. It's not a timed race, so most people weren't really heavily respirating anyway. Over half walked.

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Motorcyclist and driver in North Lawrence fatality identified

Flashing yellow arrows are subconsciously confusing. Most of us know it means we can turn but only after yielding to oncoming traffic. The problem is that the arrows we used to have were always green and always meant we were supposed to just keep going because oncoming traffic had a red light. Arrows meant "go". Now we see an arrow and subconsciously we're used to it telling us to keep going, but now it's flashing yellow at the intersections that used to just have a solid green light...and solid yellow means you can still go but it's about to turn red. So traditionally, both the color yellow and the arrow used to be symbols that told us to hurry up. Most of us do ok with it, but almost every time I'm on 31st and Iowa near Target I see someone either stop completely on the yellow arrow and not go at all (when there's no oncoming traffic) or turn left in front of someone. It's going to take a while for people to get used to it, especially those of us who learned to drive 20+ years before these arrows existed.

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