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Changing course: Makeover spruces up Eagle Bend

The biggest problem for me is that they never ran any specials. I could go play at Alvamar for about half the price most of the time. Or Lake Shawnee in Topeka. Two summers ago when I nicely asked them if they ever ran any specials I got a very gruff answer from whomever was running the pro shop that day. So I hope they keep a competitive price structure. If so, I'll return regularly.

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City renews threat of eminent domain at dilapidated East Lawrence property

Not to place all the blame on the city, but this is exactly what happens when the city gets complacent and doesn't enforce code on a property for years and years and years. They don't find it somewhat funny business that this happened clearly and right under their "nose" (so to speak) and they're trying to be all high and mighty about it now? We REALLY need new city officials. Lawrence is falling behind Manhattan, everyone.

I don't like HOA's and the like, but when the city lets a property sit delapidated for decades, something is wrong when they all of a sudden start completely looking down their nose when the issue finally crops up. Lawrence is in extreme danger of going from being a community to just another suburban-type business.

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Love of the game keeps local golfer on the course at age 90

We were Rusty's neighbors up until last year. She is a truly fabulous woman and we miss her dearly!

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Sound Off: Snow shoveling

I give the city both kudos and a call-out on mistakes. The city plowed our cul-de-sac (the plow had plenty of room for full maneuverability) but put the multiple metric tons of road snow in front of our driveway (I couldn't get my car out and my husband barely got the 4x4 out) and completely buried our mailbox - and here's the kicker - right next to a 15-foot stretch of curb with NOTHING there. Cars don't park in the street here so there were plenty of places to dump that 6 feet of snow that were not our driveway and mailbox. There's no way a person with a bad back (my husband) could've moved that mountain, nor should he have to. If the mailman's job wasn't hard enough, he'd have to scale that snow and dig for our mailbox IF he decided not to refuse delivery. This wasn't a 3-foot pile. It was a 6-foot tall, 8-foot wide pile. Not removable by a human being.

What good is clearing the roads if you trap people in?

I don't think looking at where you can put metric tons of snow is all that difficult.

That being said, I called the city and they came back and moved the mountain. It's the least that a city that charges residents for not shoveling their sidewalks could do when they lock someone in because of lack of thinking.

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Knology customers report outages in west Lawrence

We don't get UVerse in the sticks of East Lawrence (by the cemetery) and I'm assuming we never will, so we don't have a choice of internet providers. I know nothing about Wicked and wasn't impressed with their website.

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Lawrence teenager receives three years of probation for his part in summer burglaries

Don't forget the highest ex-con concentration in the city just a couple of blocks away. Good choice.

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Lawrence teenager receives three years of probation for his part in summer burglaries

"New shelter"? Are you referring to the one in East Lawrence where they don't maintain the lawn (tree branches lay in the yard weeks after a storm despite having hands on deck) and put out 5 barrels of trash a week? Oh, and don't forget about the 20 cars/day along the street so you can't even navigate around the corner. And the "no guns" sign in the window. Such a lesson in responsibility. It's no different than the places they left. The cops are there constantly.

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4-year-old Ottawa boy injured in shooting

Notice our 7.5 hour difference in post time, by the way.

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4-year-old Ottawa boy injured in shooting

Stats like this mean nothing to your household. I'm sure a lot of these households with guns in them that are 8x more likely to lose children also have health insurance, live in low crime neighborhoods, and use proper seat belts...or do we now know that? Is it causation or correlation?

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4-year-old Ottawa boy injured in shooting

No, they're fun for target practice, too. I've never shot anyone and I own 9. Only 1 is not in the safe, but our house is inhabited by two veterans and zero children or visitors.

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