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Markieff Morris involved in non-injury accident driving teammate's car


Where does it say that Pollard still had his plates on the car? Oh thats right, it doesnt.

If Taylor never registered the car, and the Police ran the VIN number, it would come up to Pollard.

Wonder why a bigger deal isn't made about him running around with a 16 year old...

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Should door-to-door sales be outlawed?

How many of the door to door magazine sales or automobile oil change deals are scams?

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Fourth man charged in robberies of delivery drivers

how much do you think they all got after splitting this $$ 4 ways? Like 40 bucks?

ha... nice...

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Wreck shuts down U.S. 59 for nearly three hours Monday afternoon


Hospitals and Insurance Agencies include this cost in the medicaid cost reporting, which figures all reimbursement rates. No this rate is not only limited to Medicaid, it is simply a base number that is used to calculate costs.

As asked, please explain how its cost effective for Lawrence to update to a trama center? You asked who pays the write-off cost of the air transport (not sure which part of the cost is a write off... ?? The only write off is the difference between the reimbursement rate and billed rate, but thats ALWAYS a write-off... xray, transport, general visit). Who pays the specialists salaries while their not working billable case hours?

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Prosecutor says Pratt man raped KU student as she slept in dorm room

How did he get into her room if she was sleeping?

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Lawrence builder pleads guilty in bank fraud case, will testify against others

So he got busted, and now he's flipped. No honor among thieves...

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Keg party crackdown

Ahh... Glad my college days are over!

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Police seek suspects in string of robberies near KU campus

If the police released sketches, do we get to see them? Don't you think they would be attached to the article?

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Biden praises economic recovery project in Kansas

sure costs a lot of money to fly him here so they can start digging a new highway...

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