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Group helps wounded veteran compete

Wow, that is amazing.
I can honestly say that if something like that happened to me, I would have tried to do things but I never would have been mentally that strong. I give a round of applause to this outstanding man!

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Do you expect the people who opposed the development of Wal-Mart at Sixth and Wakarusa in Lawrence to shop at the store?

I WILL NOT be shopping at the new Wal-mart OR the old one.
I would much rather shop at a QUALITY store, like Hy-Vee, who are fair employers, unlike Wal-mart who treats their employees like crap.

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Lawrence's newest Wal-Mart opens to public

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Teenager injured at dental office

Oh wow! I can't believe something like this happened again.
About 2 months ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed in North Topeka and I was given gas AND an IV sedation and I stopped breathing and had to go to the hospital.
I thankfully didn't have it as bad as him, but I do feel the family's pain. my prayers are with them.

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Do you expect iTunes' new three-tier pricing plan — ranging from 69 cents per song to $1.29 — to affect your music buying habits?

I use itunes to buy songs only if I have a gift card.
labmonkey, I have never heard of Frostwire, is it like itunes only its free?

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