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Notebook: Tony Pierson injured; Weis not upset KU fans left early

Pray the weather stays nice on Saturday's or Charlie we'll be able to hear the signal's called all the way down on Mass if this type of play continues............

Good luck next week.
Rock Chalk

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KU journalism professor condemned by administrators for tweet about NRA

Case in point. 13 people shot at a southwest Chicago park last night. Seriously doubt the shooter was a NRA member.

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Jenkins meets with diverse groups during recess tour of her district

Whether you agree with Rep. Jenkins or not at least she has the guts to hold "town hall" meetings and meet with her constituents during the congressional recess. Most of her colleagues are no where to be found. Can't imagine why that is..........

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Cerner co-founder Cliff Illig shares his startup story with KU MBA students

Great article about a self starter. The last paragraph is very telling given the current administration in Washington.

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Mizzou’s Pinkel pines for return of Border War

We don't always get what we wish for do we..........My advice would be to spend a little more time worrying about Alabama, LSU, A&M, etc.

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Tuition, fees going up; regents blame Legislature

And the excuse for the last 20 years would be?

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

Guess if old Harry had kept his Red state dems in line we probably wouldn't be having this conversation right now. Just goes to show whatever their political stripe winning reelection trumps all else.

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House, Senate send bill to Brownback that would make KDOT secretary in charge of operating turnpike

When the Dems elect their next Gov. they will appoint one of their own to head KDOT. Problem solved....

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