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Just what the patient ordered: 'Concierge medicine' comes to Lawrence

I can't speak for anyone else, but one of the reasons I am providing a fully direct model of care is so that I can make pricing more transparent and often MORE affordable. By keeping a lean business model (no insurance hassles) and being fully member supported, we can offer drastic discounts on many things -- labs, procedures, x-rays. -- often 80-90% less than insurance/Medicare payments. Nobody is pressuring me to offer lower prices other than my incentive to provide a better value to patients.

In fact, being a contracted Medicare provider PROHIBITS a doctor from offering any patient (including an uninsured person) a discounted price below what they bill to Medicare.

I would agree that many doctors were doing "concierge" way before ACA. DPC is relatively new, but I started my practice, particularly planning, prior to the ACA because of systemic flaws that I thought were largely unfixable without a clean slate at the primary care level.

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Just what the patient ordered: 'Concierge medicine' comes to Lawrence

While I started my Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice prior to ACA, DPC is included in ACA as an option for individuals and business to use in combination with a "wrap around" health insurance plan to serve as coverage requirements under the law. An article covering that topic --> DHS and insurance plans have been slow define all the specifics of that combo, but DPC practices are now available on 2 state exchanges as part of a broader health insurance plan: (Washington state) and Turntable Health (Nevada Health Coop plan). I'm a little hesitant about how those relationships (between provider and health plan) will play out in the long run, but DPC is being implemented broadly around the country by independent physicians without that insurance product pairing. No insurance plans available to individuals currently have a relationship with DPC practices, but most of my patients carry a Higher Deductible Plan (bronze type on exchange) and save money in total vs. lower deductible/copay type insurance product that "covers" more things upfront. Businesses have much more flexibility in tailoring health benefits and and many DPC practices, including us, are growing very quickly using that avenue. For individuals, I'm working with a "health sharing" plan to complement our practice for when patients need outside care that is not feasible paying fully out-of-pocket cash.

Dr. Neu (NeuCare)

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KU student who reportedly died of meningitis not believed to have contracted disease on campus

From the most recent reports, Haley did NOT have "meningococcal" meningitis, which is the bacteria responsible for outbreaks of meningitis in group settings (colleges, military, etc) and the bug covered by the meningitis vaccine.

Any bacteria can technically spread to brain/spinal cord and cause meningitis but it sounds like Haley had a rare complication of a common sinus infection (usually strep, staph or hamephilous). Thus, the meningitis vaccine would not have protected her.

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Police investigating shooting in parking lot of Lawrence McDonald's

Wonder who got away with the last McRib? Track that SOB down!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: You thought recruiting a point guard was tough? Try recruiting a doctor

Nobody recruited me here! I feel like a sucker now. Thanks a lot Chad.

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- From: Abigail, on Facebook. Dec 29, 2012

Dr. Neu is super nice and very easy to talk to. He looks you in the eye and is concerned, gentle, and straightforward in his communication. He has a lot of energy and charm, so it's easy to connect with him at a personal level, which is so important in helping ease the anxiety of having to go to the doctor with a problem.

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- From: Troy, on Facebook. Dec 30, 2012

I highly recommend NeuCare Family Medicine to anyone looking for a family Doctor. Dr. Neu's program is efficient and easy for his patients. With the cost of healthcare going through the roof, Dr. Neu's program is a welcome and affordable way for all people to enjoy the benefits of healthcare. The price is much more affordable than traditional insurance/medicine. Dr. Neu is the most tech savvy and tech current doctor ever! I was out of the state and had a medical problem that needed attention. I talked to Dr. Neu on the phone and, at his request, sent him pictures of my situation. He was able to diagnose my poison ivy from these pictures and fill me in on the proper remedy. Dr. Neu's bedside manner is great! He is personable and friendly yet professional and knowledgeable as well.

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Pharmacists weigh in with advice about vitamin supplements

"A recent survey sponsored by Nature Made" That is probably all you need to know.

Furthermore, other than spreading an advertisement to "buy more vitamins", I'm not really sure the purpose of this article.

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What would you like to see added to downtown Lawrence?

Food carts/trucks.

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