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Library closes the book on successful fundraising campaign

Thank you to all the volunteers, members of the Capital Campaign and donors who have made this a reality. Progressives know that updated library facilities will benefit the Lawrence community both now and for generations to come. Our leaders of the next generation thank you.

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Theatre Lawrence receives city funding to help with new $6.2 million theater

Thank you city commission and good work. Anyone who's been to a theatre show (in Lawrence or otherwise) can appreciate the value it brings to a city. I hope the last 400-500k in pledges follow soon, I'll do my part.

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Statehouse Live: Teacher retirements, reductions increase dramatically

Teachers are the path of a brighter Lawrence, Kansas and United States. Why would anyone in their right mind question this article?
It's fact that teachers are not appreciated, are being squeezed both in resources and in pay and are dropping in numbers. You can't argue that. If Lawrence wants to be progressive they'd find ways to attract the brightest teachers in the state (and/or coming out of KU) and keep them happy.

BTW - My wife has taught at LFSHS for 5 years & quit this previous year. A number of circumstances cited in the article, couple with personal items, lent themselves to her resignation. But it had absolutely nothing to do with her fellow teachers or the students. She absolutely LOVED the kids and colleagues. Anyone teaching at USD497 has a true passion for what they do & our community.

If educators are reading this - please know your appreciated and respected. We need you in Lawrence for our children's sake and to progress and a community.

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Lawrence school salaries lag nearby districts

To all the teachers or prospective teachers reading this - thank you.
Thank you for all your provide our children, our community of Lawrence and the future of our great nation. Anyone on here saying negative things simply "doesn't know what they don't know".

The vast majority of Lawrence wants you in our great city and we appreciate you deeply.

Thank you for all you do.

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