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13-year-old girl testifies that father came up with plan for children to murder their mother

Wow, I'd call this guy a POS, but I'm afraid that is being unjust to fecal matter.

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A mom responds

I'm sure each of my children have thrown a tantrum in a store once.Once.

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Sad scandals

In this day and age, I have a hard time believing that anyone in their positions, which does require a certain level of common sense and intelligence, thinks they can do these things and get away with them.

It's really too bad. Spitzer and Morrison both had so much they could have offered their posts. Morrison, moreso than Spitzer, in my opinion, didn't remember the golden rule: Hell hath no fury...

What they hell are they thinking? Spitzer would have been better off getting a bj from a $20 crack whore who would have kept it to herself for the fix.

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Students intend to return Potter Lake to past glory

I think this is a great idea. ALTHOUGH I do have to say that it is a shame that KU has the money to build the dumb gateway on 15th & Iowa and can spend thousands on glossy paper, but can't come up with the money to repair the damage to Potter Lake. Last I knew, there were grounds keepers who get paid to keep the grounds on campus, is this not part of the grounds? Kudos to the students who want to do this.

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Helpful officer

Because I know them, the AND in the signature is the creepiest word in this letter.

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Credit crunch

I'm willing to bet I'm much older than you, 778. That must be why you don't get it yet.
I don't think they're evil. Its capitalism, of which I participate whole heartedly. If you pay attention to what's going on, and do some research, one day, you will too learn that, while I'm sure in your world, we all eat rainbows and crap butterflies, it is not so..

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Credit crunch

Our rates have gone down as well, so the whole credit issue isn't really a bad one for me either, but it is what it is and for someone to believe it is a benevolent gesture from corporate America as a reward for responsibility is about as as naive as believing that the FDA is really looking out for Joe Consumer and not big pharma.

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Credit crunch

Think what you want, 778. If a policy's price is raised 300 and someone with perfect credit is given a 300 discount, it is not a reward for them. It's kinda like raising the price of clothing then putting it on sale. They are still charging the same amount for it in the end, only with insurance, they can get even more out of someone with a less than 800 credit score. Using the psychology behind credit scores is a sham. What do people try to do when they want to raise their credit score? They get another credit card or a mortgage or a new car, buy, buy, buy. What's the incentive to raise your credit score? Lower interest rates, insurance rates, etc. How do you get them? Spend money. They are all in bed with each other. You are a fool if you think they are rewarding you for being responsible.

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Credit crunch

Credit scores are the justification a whole lot of industries use to charge people more money.

Yet another perk of living in a capitalist society.

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Snow strategy

No, I got the point. You know it needs to be done, but you work 40+ hours so you can't do it until you get around to it, and why should you go out of your way to do it as soon as you can when the city doesn't even get theirs done? Really, I got it.

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