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Unfamiliar territory: Jayhawks trounced against West Virginia, 85-69

Another poor effort in WVU

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No. 11 West Virginia outplays, upsets No. 1 Kansas

Hope this is an outlier, otherwise KU in for a lot more rough nights. They got whipped by a team that shot 33% .., that is just bad

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Chalmers 2nd Jayhawk with NCAA, NBA titles

It was fun watching Nick, Mario and Cole (even if it was mop up duty) in the finals. Did anyone catch if Cole and Mario met up after the final horn? Congratulations Mario, while I was rooting against your team, it was great to see him play so well.

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Loud and clear: UK pulls away, makes statement

Losing is never fun, however it is part of the game. This is going to be an interesting year. Early departures, recruting misses and a tough schedule are a perfect storm for double digit losses. Just hope they can win a couple of the marquee matchups for confidence and help with recruiting.

Last night, I was thinking that this year's team is similar to Carolina and Kentucky last year in that early on both teams struggled, but throughout the year they improved. Not saying young talent is on par with UNC or UK last year, but HCBS and his staff seem to get most out of their players.

Honestly, losing last night on a national stage stinks, but having to suffer through ESPN's gawd awful love fest for Coach K made me want to hurl. We get it, guy is a great coach, and 903 is an amazing accomplishment, but sheesh.

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String of fatality accidents in Douglas County underscores randomness of events

It is nice to see the LJ world editors are on the job. The title should be " String of fatal accidents...." Unfortunate news about increase in traffic fatalities.

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VCU fired up by KU's pregame chatter

If you talk the talk you better walk the walk. The team collectively played scared today and VCU took it to them. They have captured lightning in a bottle, and KU could not withstand the pressure today. The thing about this game that bugged me the most was HCBS was not willing to stick TR, EJ or someone else in to give us another perimeter player to compliment Tyshawn. A 1-5 (1-3 @ KU) record in the E8 is something HCBS needs to improve. KU is a place that measures success in FFs and Championships, (yes we are spoiled) not E8s.

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Kansan Kris Kobach helped write controversial Arizona immigration law

Immigration falls under the purvue of the US Congress per the Constitution. Arizona law cannot supercede US Law on these types of issues. As for illegal immigration, there needs to be some action, but it can be done without States passing their own legislation.

As for all the comments in favor of this law, I find it amusing how easily we blame others for what is going. It is the classic belief of entitlement. When I grew up, no matter how menial the job was. It seems kids today feel entitled, and god forbid they actual work for something. We need to stop blaming others for our own mess, if you don't want illegals then don't hire them, be willing to pay the going wage for an American worker and deal with it.

I find it disheartening how easily we blame others today, without realizing we Americans are part of the problem. It is the same with the drug wars, let's stop our consumption and take away the lucrative nature of the trade. When there is no demand, there is no need for suppliers.

So let's think before we speak, another lost art in today's society, because as the saying goes when you point a finger at someone there are four pointing back at you. But, I guess this is too much for today's society where every Jane, Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they are right and everything should be focused around their needs.

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KU players give hoops lessons

To this day I still remeber getting to meet Danny, Cedric, Milt, and other players as a 5th grader. It is one of the reasons why I love being a Jayhawk fan, and to MM and others doing this is just awesome

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Duke does it, in 61-59 thriller over Butler

And cue the Darth Vader theme from "Star Wars".

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

All the people that comment UNI was the better team need to learn a thing or two about BB. UNI played weel but they also got breaks. A 7ft hitting two threes when he shoots 1/9 entire season is not expected. Bottomline, UNI played their game, got some breaks, and KU did not play their game. That is how a 1 and done tourney goes, sometimes you have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs. But none of us here, including me or the media now a lick of BB as well as HCBS. So if you want to talk, then do the walk. We are fans, and when our team loses we hate it, especially with the expectations we have in Lawrence. Bottomline, being a Jayhawk is tough. Expected to always win, and when it doesn't happen it is considered a monumental failure. So to the haters, whiners and fair weather fans, s**K it.

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