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School board intends to raise property taxes

MWIV, it should be run with people who have common sense and are honest hard-wroking individuals. Part of our problems are our focus on hiring based on degree and credential. Personality needs to become an important factor too. We can't have geniuses that can't tie their shoes running these things.

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What is your favorite event at the Douglas County Fair?

The fruitcake toss, yes, definately.

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Evolution issue tips board's balance

The only thing I find sad is that the only turnout garnered was to vote AGAINST people on the school board. What is sad about it? That people here didn't care who replaced them, just as long as it wasn't the current holder. The road ahead is still bumpy. We need to get candidates to talk about issues that Kansas actually care about, instead of creating dividing lines over BS crap like ID and stem cells. Let's talk housing, taxes, agriculture, roads, jobs, etc. ANYTHING but these fluff issues. It's a BIG part of the reason turnout is low. I myself refuse to vote on the basis of something so stupid, when there is much more important matters at hand.

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Do you think 16-year-olds should be able to give blood without parental consent?

If the law doesn't recognize an adult until 18, then 18 it is. Fangorn, I'm with you. I'm sure many will have no objections, but just the same, it seems only respectful to have a parental slip or a parent present.

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Do you think the city should raise the sales tax by 1 cent?

Fiscal Responsibility.

STOP rewarding irresponsible spending by giving your government more money!

Do YOU live on a fixed budget? Do you get to change your salary everytime you decide there's a few new projects you want to do? Why should the city have that option?

"It wouldn't bother me."

Because you are not thinking. Problem #1 in our country today.

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Mayor proposes sales tax

There would be plenty of money for these projects if the city commission focused SOLELY on these projects. If you dump the extra expendatures, like roundabouts, artworks, pesticide free measures, and libraries, you would find plenty of money to fix infrastructure.

Roundabout = $1 million
Stop sign = $30,000

I can live with stop signs a bit longer to have better roads to drive on. I have had to buy all new tires for each car in this town, simply due to the many potholes around.

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Should the City Commission set guidelines for the appearance of future commercial developments in Lawrence?

Silly Adam, don't you know that business owners in Lawrence have no say in how their business runs? Why should they have a say in how it looks?

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Conservatives may be tough to shake off

I would lose all faith in our system to see Connie Morris re-elected. She is a nasty, vile person who uses religion as her disguise to the masses. She, quite simply, is not a good person.

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Play grounded

Wow. This seems like an easy fix. Place a sign on every park.

"By enetering this park, the participant agrees that the city is not liable for injury."

I would think those who tried to sue would be laughed from court. Then bring back all of the merry-go-rounds and see-saws. I miss 'em badly.

In fact, perhaps we should create a privately funded park, with signs, with "dangerous" attractions for this generation to experience.

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Do you think a Republican or Democrat will be elected governor in November?

I won't support this farce of a system by voting for the lesser of two evils. What is the most insulting, is that these debates will center around BS issues like gay marriage and stem cells, instead of IMPORTANT issues to most Kansans, like a proper budget, roads, funding shortfalls, and assisting with everyday living. Most of us do not care for these fluff issues, with the exception of internet forums and casual conversation. We want EVERYDAY needs met.

Until these idiots pull their heads out and quit giving each other high fives, I refuse to give support to a system that has quit supporting me.

End the reign of special interest. Stem cells can suck it.

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