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Do you feel differently about Lance Armstrong now that he's been stripped of his titles because of doping allegations?

Everyone was cheating and he was the best at it--so give him the titles, duh!

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KU Medical Center in middle of abortion legislative fight

If you can't handle the right of a woman to have an abortion under the U.S. Constitution and don't want your tax dollars to somehow indirectly pay for one, then logically you should leave the United States of Amercia. Please move to Africa. The good people of Kansas will fix these right-wing legislative attacks in the next election just like they fixed the mess-ups of the right-wing State Board of Education.

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Details of Brownback’s tax plan revealed

Top Republican Tax CPA says: “That’s something that needs to be challenged."

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In State of State, Brownback outlines plan to cut Kansas personal income tax

I'm not sure the proposed changes have been submitted as a bill in the legislature at this time however, one of the state's best tax CPA doesn't like it:

All of your itemized deductions will get thrown out of the Kansas return meaning most folks will barely break even on the deal. This is written for the very rich like a couple of brothers from Wichita that support the guy proposing it.

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New QBs could help Weis’ recruiting

If this is the same Jake Heaps that just starred at #96 on the ESPN Holiday Jeers show, I'm not real sure he's much of an asset.

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Judge questions Kan. limits to abortion coverage

"...were expressing the conscience of its people..." I think they really mean "religion of its people". However, I kind of remember something about a separation of Church and State from my high school civics class.

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Minor injuries reported in Friday morning accident on K-10

Needs 6 lanes with a concrete center barrier just like KTA has between Lawrence and Topeka. It carries what seems like the same traffic count.

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Brownback administration lays off Kansas Arts Commission employees

ah Sam, kiss the White House goodbye, you just alienated a big chunk of the electoral votes with a record like this.

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Highway Patrol warns drivers to secure loads after accident involving loose trailer

KHP just about caused an accident at Renner Rd. & K-10 in heavy traffic responding to this wreck by almost running me off the road. Speed causes accidents. Responding quickly I understand but causing accidents along the way isn't bright.

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Governor-elect Brownback says he's seeking bold action on tax reductions, will protect education funding

This is just payback to the Koch family. A Governorship in return for lower taxes on their Koch Industries income sourced to Kansas. Gee, why not just reduce the sales tax increase? Because the little people pay it, not David or Charles; they hang out on the East Coast.

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