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City Hall brokers deal to scrap controversial bidding process for $25M recreation center; proposal now calls for open bidding

"Why not put a cap on the infrastructure too, so we hand over any savings on the bidding to ku and bliss? Why doesn't it go back to the tax payers?"

This. There is no reason the city should be on the hook for $25 million regardless. They should pay for the cost of the rec center (IMO a smaller one) and the related infrastructure. The city's participation beyond that should not extend beyond the tax deferment that the entire complex will be receiving and the services (police,fire, storm water, etc) that the city will be providing when complete. KU can pay for the infrastructure related to their portion of the project.

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Escaped sex offender captured Tuesday in Oread neighborhood

Nice job by the LPD!

Looks like "Security Transport Services guarantees all transports will be completed in a safe, timely and efficient manner, in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations promulgated by Federal, State and Local authorities."

"STS carries $6 Million dollars in liability insurance which protects your agency from incidents that might occur during transportation."

So I'm guessing they will be writing a check to the City for all the manpower that was required to capture this child molesting dirtbag!

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Sound Off: Is there an agency that acts as an advocate for renters who have moved into dwellings tha

It is not the city's responsibility to enforce civil contract law between 2 private parties. Code enforcement has a responsibility to deal with code violations but that can be a time consuming and subjective process. If your landlord is not properly maintaining the property and therefore breaking the lease your recourse is to move out and/or sue them in civil court. And as others have mentioned; most tenants don't have the resources, time or knowledge to fight and win the battle. It is not fair at all but that is the law.

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Grant given to KBI to help with DNA testing backlog

Well at least the Federal government cares more about putting criminals in jail than giving tax breaks to the people who need it least in this state. Why the state of Kansas can't permanently fund the KBI so cases don't have to wait years to proceed or potentially hit statute of limitations waiting on evidence to be processed. Instead they spend money on extended legislative sessions, redistricting lawsuits and multimillion dollar computer systems that have not even been fully tested.

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GOP moderates in Kansas may get help from Democrats

"The state GOP allows only registered Republicans to vote in its primaries." This is not totally correct. State law allows independents and unaffiliated voters to register as republican the day of the primary and vote for the republican primary. It is only currently registered Democrats that are excluded.

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Topekan pleads no contest to shooting a bouncer at Taste Lounge

If there is one problem with guns it's that people that use them in an irresponsible manner don't face much stiffer penalties for it. This guy shoots a person while allegedly robbing the bar and he gets less than 2 years. In general I'm not in favor of gun laws, but I think we should take a zero tolerance approach for anyone who violates existing laws with respect to guns. If you can't responsibly own and use a weapon you should no longer be allowed to own one. This includes hunting, assault, threats etc. Use a gun responsibly and in compliance with the law, or loose the right to use/own them permanently.

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Knology sale to WOW now official; customers not expected to see immediate changes

Chad, how about an article covering the lack of other cable providers in Lawrence. It seems most surrounding communities have much lower rates for high speed Internet and television and many have multiple cable providers. Does Knology/WOW have exclusive rights to server Lawrence? Im curious if the city is making the best use of their right of way and utility pole infrastructure by limiting service to only one provider.

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KU's Audio-Reader accepting donations of records, CDs and other items for annual sale

AHHHHH!!! Why do they always schedule this the same weekend as Winfield?!?!? Please Audio Reader management/staff. This is a great event that music fans would love to take part in, but it is also on a weekend that many of the local music fans are out of town for another great event. I can't help but think this has a direct impact on the revenue you earn from the sale and it could be increased by simply moving a week earlier or later.

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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

No "IF" about it. This passed and with the Governor's signature is now law in Kansas.

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Teachers ask district for $3,250 pay boost

That is the problem, the best teachers do go somewhere else because of the better opportunities. Lawrence is a great community but the days of relying on our unique culture to retain people are over. We must be competitive in the marketplace and work to attract the best educators in the region.

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