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Haskell provides no new details on violations

Comparing HINU to Big Colleges is like comparing apples and oranges. In fact HINU does nothing like Bigger, Smaller or any other colleges in the US because it has no interest in bringing funds into its own system from outside sources other than the US Govt. Just about every other college in the US is designed like a business and its main focus is generating revenue. If a department is losing money then they either raise fees / tuition or in the athletic world they ask booster / alumni to support the program. If those things don't work then they cut the program rather than streamline a program that might not be able to succeed against competitors who are fully funded. Thus protecting thier "name" among (brand) and allowing them to spend the $ on a sport that is successful. HINU's problem is that they don't care about thier name compared to other colleges and they don't have alumni / boosters who give back to the athletic programs because they have not marketing department. HINU does almost no recruiting of the common student because it doesn't matter how many students attend HINU 600 or 1000..the $ allocated to them is the same. If HINU cared about the image of the school they would have never released a press statement airing out thier dirty laundry with no facts. Especially if they haven't even contacted the NAIA yet.

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Haskell provides no new details on violations

Friend...there is the problem...the former pres was detailed off campus for most of her tenure i think starting somewhere at the end of 08 thus leaving the VPAA in charge of the university along with some other interm presidents who didn't do much but maintain order...in the same timeframe the VPAA's main focus on athletics was to get rid of the AD who she had always thought was highered illegally because he wasn't native or go through the normal highering process. But that was back in 08 and 09 of course we don't know when the majority of these offenses happened because we have no details. The orginal press release said problems stem back to 08 but the majority of the problems could have been in 2010 or 11 which would have been bascially under the current admin. In fact it looks like HINU forfeited a Women's BB game from last season but again no one knows why.....Either way the admin old or new at HINU is backasswards because they are running a university like a BIA office in Okla. or South Dakota or like IHS. They appoint or hire people based on certs and GS levels rather than experience running a university. Then they expect people to learn thier job as they go. Its a cycle of maintaining mediocrity from the BIA/BIE offices in DC all the way down to the HS senior in El Reno, OK who is still waiting on his acceptance letter from HINU even though he turned in his application in December. I guess in all honesty its the systems fault. Any president will take orders and have budget constraints because the US Govt has made a commitment to having HINU but not a commitment to improving it or even bringing up to date with any other small college in the country. Just like the Admin at HINU has made a commitment to having athletics but not a commitment to have successful programs because that would cost $, especially in the area of staffing. You can buy the new football coach all the brand new footballs he can use and say "hey look we just spent $1000 on the best footballs money can buy". Now go out and coach these 90 kids by yourself. SOOOO...the less staffing you have (ex....AD who has to coach basketball too with no Assistant AD) then the less eyes there are to catch kids turning in false ACT scores and the less eyes to see a kid who had an F on her transcript yesterday and now has a C.

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Disciplinary action taken against Haskell employees after investigation of student-athlete test scores

When will the report become public record? Or will it? Was it the boys or girls basketball team and what other sports involved? Wonder what sanctions will come from the NAIA and what games will be forfeited? Lets see the names of those who were involved.....if this was a self reported infraction to the NCAA more info would be put out along with more specific details on who, what, when, and where......and what the specific penalties are. I know a kid that might want to go there in the fall and I think he should have all the facts of what he is facing....

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