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Big Ten making overtures to … Texas

Oops typo in above comment.....it should have been 8-team divsions.

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Big Ten making overtures to … Texas

At the rish of being off-topic and a little late on this discussion, here's what I would suggest as a permanent solution to all things related to conference jumping, team poaching and a national title playoff system, while keeping the traditional bowl system in place.

Why not expand Division 1 (also known as the Football Bowl Subdivision) to 128 teams and divide them into 4 Mega conferences....The East, Midwest, South and West. You could also break those conferences up further in 7 team divisons. Then have a 4 team playoff in each divsion and name those Playoffs....The Orange Bowl Regional in the East, The Sugar Bowl Regional in the South, the Cotton Bowl Regional in the Midwest (Yes, I know they were excluded in the contrived Bowl Alliance because their facilities were seen as lacking, but that's no longer the case) and the Rose Bowl Regional in the West.

You could then call the resulting 4 team playoff the Champions Bowl and play it off in Phoenix, thereby appeasing the Fiesta Bowl People by giving it two huge revenue weekends instead of one.

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