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Sound Off: Does Lawrence have any free or low-cost transportation for seniors who are in wheelchairs

IF you have family who happen to have vehicles with wheelchair lifts I am sure they are more than willing to oblige. Otherwise, someone with an equipped vehicle needs to take them, or we need doctors, dentists, and related medical providers to make regular home visits.

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How much debt did you have when you left college?

I was extremely fortunate to have went to college on a full scholarship in the late 80's so I know very little about the loan process. I would hope that when a 17 or 18 year old is taking out an educational loan, someone would ask what they plan to study and look at the average salaries in that field. I know many who studied liberal arts who even fully employed are not able to live independently and pay back their full loan. You can call the student stupid, but loaning 80,000 to a 17 year old who says she wants to study dance is stupid. Did you really think Ms. Ballerina was going to be able to pay you back? Ask a car dealer to give you a car when you are 18, have no job, and have no cosigner, but tell them you are going to be a ballerina when you grow up, and see if they will let you drive away with the car for 4 or more years without making a payment.

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Focus on marriage to end poverty misguided, Democratic Party leader says

Marriage does not end poverty unless everyone finds a sugar mama or daddy.

In many cases it causes poverty, as you can often be held responsible for their debts, their healthcare costs, gambling addictions, the sky's the limit.

In my case- I am a woman, a democrat, and could be seen as rich. Of course, I got rid of the debt accruing husband along the way, but paid all the debts.

Women need to know they can be independent and take care of themselves without depending on someone else. Get a job, get three like I did, but really, I never thought of remarriage as a way out of poverty. I thought of how I could work, make payment plans, and manage my finances until I was free.

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'It's heartbreaking': Families adjust to homeless life together at shelter

I personally do not know why I read the commentaries....

In almost every article the comments go from a real debate and discussion to determining that all homeless people are lazy, good for nothing freeloaders and women need to surrender their organs in order to get some help.

I am sorry if the people who are in the shelter do not have a time machine to go back and stop the events that brought them to the door, or a psychic sense to know years ago not to have children when their lives were secure, did not foresee illness, poverty, or foreclosure, and are now people some would rather eliminate than consider humans.

I am assuming no one posting here has ever grown up homeless. And I assume those of you who have not assume that nothing will come of children who grow up in that situation.

As someone who lifted herself out of said situation, I do all that I can to help others avoid hitting that rock bottom.

I am saddened that so many would take the time to post such bigoted opinions. It tells me there are way too many people with way too much time on their hands who are clueless.

Stay there for one night and see how easy it is.

There isn't one amongst you naysayers who would find the situation fun, or think you are getting something for nothing. You get a thin mat on a floor. You get no privacy. You worry if you will lose your place the following day. You worry if the few items you own will get stolen. You live in fear and deal with judgment and criticism from those who have not hit a rockbottom...yet.

Just because they did not want their children sleeping on a park bench and came to another city does not make them bad people- it makes them caring people, which is alot more than I can say for those parents who live in luxury in comparison and beat their kids.

I guess the difference between me and others is that I have eyes that see, a heart that feels, and the wisdom to know that those people are flesh and bone like my mother, my father, my neighbor and myself.

And to think they claim Kansas is a Christian state. Love thy neighbor as thyself has been rewritten to condemn thy neighbor for he is not really having a hard time but only pretending.

A sad excuse for not helping. I wonder how many here who post actually do something, or just sit around reading "news" and posting their two cents.

Volunteer at LINK for a day and serve others donated food. Meet these people and your eyes will open. I doubt anyone here even knows the father they have already written off as "must be a bad guy if he was dishonorably discharged so he had it coming".

Perhaps no one taught you that its better to take the log out of your own eye than to harp on the splinter in your friend's. Those who have never screwed up, feel free to continue to stab at any of those shelter residents.

Enough said. Not reading another commentary. I am ashamed of my fellow Lawrencians.

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Guess Who is not Paying Taxes - Round II

I can agree with the data presented based on my own personal situation.

I am by no means poor, and in theory earn more money than any of my fully employed friends, yet without having to look for loopholes, hire an accountant, or use a tax preparation service, I was legally entitled to almost twice the amount of taxes I paid in, and my income without children was over $70,000 in 2010.

What's funnier- I did not even ask for this sort of a refund, but both State of Kansas and IRS did a recalculation and voluntarily sent me checks.

So I donated the money to charity. I feel those of us working with cash to spare should offer our extra to those who have not, and I was raised on welfare. I feel it is my time to pay back what I used in childhood, and I am as confused by our government's ease to just give me more back than friends who are unemployed and out of benefits could get in help. So, what I do is I help them.

Perhaps if others who are getting refunds above and beyond their liability could pass some of it along to those in their lives, we would have a society that needs less dependence on social programs and an overall happier, safe place to live.

In comparison to my childhood poverty, I would have to agree that the rich get richer. $73,000 is not necessarily rich, but growing up on welfare cheese, food bank donations, and whatever else we could get free or on clearance, I am.

It baffles me that they gave me so much more back than what I even paid in, then hear about budget cuts, people losing benefits, and the painstaking choices of which vital services are going to be cut. I could not have been the only one to get back more who could have spared it, and wonder how many of us did something more with it than splurge.

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Judge rules against Lawrence homeless shelter; move away from downtown up in the air

I guess they assume if we have no homeless shelter, we will eliminate homelessness.
How is it that the jail is not seen as residential?

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Dozens of Lawrence property owners have already received tickets for not shoveling sidewalks

It is just another desperate way for the city to attempt to make money on property owners, when often the city itself has not cleared snow off of the roads in that same 48 hour window.

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Carrie Neighbors sentenced to 8 years in prison for selling stolen goods from Yellow House store

Why were they allowed to re-open Yellow House on 23rd Street under the name of Second Chance Appliances?

Will the new store's inventory be investigated and possibly seized? Was the old inventory ever seized, or merely relocated into a vacant building pretending to be a store?

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Should the city of Lawrence charge a $50 fine to those who receive five or more parking tickets in a 30-day period?

I have always wondered what those who lived downtown did about their own cars, and now I see that living downtown with the noise and now this must royally suck.

Its just another way the city is trying to earn money, but of course, at the expense of those trying to live, work, and fund this city with their shopping dollars.

And then the city wonders why people shop out of town and online. Hate to say it, but there are no fines for spending too long on ebay. Practices like this drive people out of here, taking their sales tax out of Lawrence, creating school funding issues like what the city recently had to contend this.

Sometimes I wonder whose side the city is really on.

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Lawrence man charged after Sacred Journey investigation

I personally contacted the FDA about 3 years ago after a 17 year old became ill and her parents consulted me about herbs and what is legal. After her stomach pump and some sort of toxicology test, it was determined it was something in the "mushroom" family, which she claimed she purchased from that store.
I told her mother no matter what, there are consumer laws that protect minors, and parents can always litigate any issue in which a minor is sold an item without parental consent. I never found out what happened with her and their case, but this news does not surprise me. What surprises me is that after police called me to ask ( I am an ND and licensed herbalist) that it took as long as it did, but you know, that is out of my hands.
Why did I personally contact the FDA? My license requires me to report the misuse or misrepresentation of any herb which is categorized as a medicine, any time someone practices (herbal) medicine without a license, and also any time a store sells medicinal herbs that does not have a qualified and recognized herbal practitioner on hand. Those licenses and credentials need to be posted in the business. Herbal distributors will ask for these, but not if you grow your own or import from other countries you likely do not need those.
I am not a person who promotes any more restriction on herbs and what we put in our bodies- that goes against all that I stand for. However, when children are sold items in downtown storefronts, it raises concern. There will always be those who want to get high and will be creative to do so ( who exactly dreamed up cooking Sudafed?) but the fact that he had over $700,000 seized tells me his shamanic and pagan herb business is a bit more profitable than your average herb shop. I bet the shop owners downtown would love to have $700,000 in their accounts.
When you operate a business, you are liable for all of those who are underage, who trust you to guide them to the right use of whatever products you vend, and also to use common sense to protect the public at large. Finding loopholes to sell unnamed and unrecognized substances to alter one's state of mind is questionable, immoral, and goes against the very nature of ritual and shamanic work.
I am curious to see how this case ends.

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