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Editorial: Other choices

I am embarrassed by this editorial and your attempt to tell all of us how to vote like we're your herd of sheep. Your argument does not hold water whatsoever: because Kansas made the egregious error of electing Brownback we should vote Republican for all other offices? Get real.
The implication that electing Lynn Jenkins for a third term gets Kansas some kind of "in" for getting help for our county is a bunch of b.s. You said it best with "although her accomplishments to date have been difficult to discern." So get her out of there and get someone whose accomplishments will be discernible.

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Do you think a male birth control pill would be popular?

True story: A company in California had a male birth control pill developed but market studies indicated that women would not trust men to take it so they dropped it. Makes sense since the woman is the one who gets pregnant. Women want to be in charge of their own consequences.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

Probably due to all those emails that flooded his inbox this morning.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

What? Hawaii is a state? When did that happen?

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Wichita man appeals 27-year sentence over 'sexting'

It's the sexual offender/predator laws. They have overly large mandatory sentencing and even something like sexting falls into sex offender category. Some of those laws really need to be repealed or drastically changed.

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Two Topeka residents injured in accident north of Lawrence

What a relief that the people involved are okay. I drive this route every day and many times trucks coming out of the landfill road (which is not 3rd St but 2100 Road north of 24 and E 1250 south of it) turned in front of me to head east whether I was going east or west, The attitude seems to be that they are bigger than we are. It's also pretty steep coming down that road.

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Kansas House chamber set to host Christian workshop

Religious workshops do not belong in our state's House Chamber. Let them rent a space somewhere. Or better, I want to hold a nudist workshops for 150 people. Is the House Chamber available for that?

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Inspection results of Lawrence restaurants

Shaun, why isn't Genovese on this list?

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Closed Kansas dog tracks' owner funding new PAC

Yay, money for moderates! send the extreme right wingers packing!

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KU releases names of staff members who accepted buyouts

Congratulations to all on this list! Enjoy yourselves.
"facilities planning and management read custodian (facilities) "--it includes a lot more than custodians--landscaping paint shop lockshop carpenters vehicle repair furnace/AC maintenance and repair, etc.

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