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Letter: Pension fairness

State pension plans were designed at a time that the age of the working population was much younger. The design is no longer sustainable. Retirement formulas were also set forth when life expectancy was shorter. We live longer, and more of the population will be retiring in the next two decades than ever in this country. Facts are stubborn, and it is important to address them while being fair to public servants.

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Letter: Vote on the issues

Our current political environment is toxic on both sides of the aisle. Both are supported by media outlets that feed the stereotypes each party perpetrates about the other side. We have lost leaders like Bob Dole who recognized that negotiation and compromise are part of a process that is best for the nation. More volatile public meetings are simply a symptom of a larger issue.

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Politics threaten moderate Praeger

This debate demonstrates why we will not continue to have talented people like Sandy Praeger in statewide elected office. The position should be apolitical, and it has become a battleground for arguments about ideology versus serving the people of Kansas effectively.

She nor Governor Brownback have influence over the decisions in Washington. Regardless of the result in November, the ACA will not be reversed without 60 senators who are willing to vote for repeal. There is no scenario that anticipates this type of result.

The federal mandate will happen whether conservative states like it or not. Doesn't it make sense to be prepared for the sake of Kansans? Good government makes pragmatic decisions best for their consituents regardless of the political environment.

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Editorial: On Main Street

The process of eliminating programs will continue as we move into 2013. This is a reality given the revenue gap that will hit the state with the new tax bill. I am not able to speak to the effectiveness of the Kansas Main Street program, but it is clearly a lower priority than funding K-12 education. Let's hope that the budget can be reshaped in order to fund the highest priorities at a reasonable level.

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Letter: Out of balance

Some of the concerns expressed are valid. They can be cured with one word - Vote. Primary elections still have very small turnouts that can be influenced heavily by targeted spending.

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Forget the strikeouts; Self's still landing top recruits

The right type of talent is critical. Look at the list of McDonald's players and you do not see a number of players who have contributed signficantly to our success. The 2008 team was a veteran team with a mix of players. About 20% of the McDonald's players signed in the Williams/Self era never contributed significantly to the program.

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Letter to the Editor: Tax fairness

Federal taxes are clearly progressive. However, analysis of the tax burden on households should be done by reviewing the average tax burden across federal, state and local taxes including contributions to Social Security and Medicare.

Property taxes can be argued to be progressive since it is reasonable to assume that higher household incomes have more valuable residences. However, sales tax is flat.

The result will show that taxes on the whole are still progressive, but not to the extent found by looking only at federal income tax. This discussion is somewhat moot. Everyone is going to pay more in the future given current deficits and the growing population of retirement aged Americans accessing Social Secuity and Medicare in the future.

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Voting mission

A well deserved recognition. The LWV provides valuable information on local issues in the community at a depth not provided by local media.

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Don’t give up just yet

Remember 1967? KU head coach Pepper Rodgers had a coaching staff including John Cooper (Tulsa, Arizona State and Ohio State), Dick Tomey (Arizona), Terry Donahue (UCLA), and Dave McLain (Wisconsin).

They also had a few players of note including Bobby Douglas, John Riggins and John Zook who went on to great exploits in the NFL.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. This was one that got away and we may not have another win this year. It is how far down the program got under Turner Gill. The unfortunate thing about this loss was that we had more talent and actually executed for about 2 1/2 quarters. Then all of a sudden we forgot to run the ball and played prevent defensive that caught us in the end.

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VP candidate Paul Ryan accepts 'calling of my generation'

Talk about Republicans and Democrats is really becoming moot. Regardless of your political position, the math is beginning to get in the way of "spinning" anything of either side of the aisle.

It makes no sense to think about tax breaks for households over $250k when marginal rates are at some of the lowest levels in history. It also makes no sense to discuss entitlement programs as though they will be available in their current form within the next 10-20 years.

Ryan is discussing some important issues related to the federal budget. But, the solution is not going to be lower taxes that stimulate the economy. That playbook grew stale about 10 years ago.

Neither party has anything close to a solution. That is why at some point they will be forced to give and take their ideals in order to construct some type of way forward. Let's hope it is soon for all of us.

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