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Statehouse Live: Democrats launch school funding website to counter Brownback's

I'm not sure about Brownback's children but I've heard they attend private schools.
What I DO know is that Brownback graduated from Prairie View High School in 1974, located in Linn County, KS. He participated in extra-curricular activities including Student Council, Future Farmers of America, sports, and school musicals. He obviously took advantage of the opportunities afforded him by a strong public school. This same district will be devastated if Brownback gets his way.

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School cuts haven’t made a difference, group told

Cowboy, Thanks for "getting" it!

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Lawrence teachers, district at stalemate in salary negotiations

Head over to the USD 497 website and take a look. You might want to look at the graphs that represent the increase in student assessment scores over the past five years among other bits of information. Perhaps the teachers don't post this information because it is common knowledge. It's not that teachers and support staff are not doing good work!

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Teacher pay increase offer much lower than requested

What the article doesn't say:

Due to a "One Way Participation Agreement" the district signed with the current health care provider there is a total of $905,000 available due to claims not being as high as predicted.
That money was first offered as a one time payment but after a caucus the BOE team returned with the offer to put that money on the scale.

So let's see. The BOE is offering the teachers a raise that will, according to district administrators, cost $1.5 million, $905,000 of which they already had banked due to insurance money not paid out in claims. Seems cheap to this tax payer and future bond issue voter.

Has the BOE stopped to consider that the passage of a bond might just hinge on how well the second largest employer in the city takes care of its own?

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Enrollment increase, money management have enabled school budget reversal

Thanks Christine. I was hoping you'd just left out the part where the BOE wanted to put some money toward existing employees. It is now even more clear that current employees will get what is left.

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Enrollment increase, money management have enabled school budget reversal

Not a single mention of the BOE spending a dime to pay existing employee salaries. Poor reporting or just the usual BOE thinking of current employees getting what is left?

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State employee association calls on Legislature to fund under-market pay increase

You might want to take a look at Working Kansas Alliance, Alceste. The Kansas "Teachers' Union" was a founding member of this organization. In fact, there's a meeting on Wednesday in Topeka. Teachers are standing shoulder to shoulder with not only our friends from KOSE, but other workers in Kansas.

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‘White’ not really about race

I am white and Pitts is correct.

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Lawrence school district, teachers move closer to work agreement for 2011-12

Absolutely! Students would suffer without support staff. Historically, when teachers have negotiated for salary and benefits, the district has also applied the same percentages and benefits to classified staff. Not always, but generally. When this doesn't happen and positions are eliminated or people are furloughed, the angst should be directed at Topeka. I don't know of a single teacher, worth their salt, who is not appreciative of classified staff.

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