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Kansas faces looming teacher shortage

Forced to teach to tests that measure so little and cost a fortune to administer along with my favorite, being called a thug, led me to leave the teaching ranks. Knowing that there are many in our state who would like to see public schools "fail" so that education can be privatized is beyond scary.

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Opinion: Registering should be easy

In some countries people eligible to vote do so, but those votes never make it into the official count. Hmmmm.....

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Lawrence school board eyes other sites for career and technical education center

If this facility is primarily for use during the day for our students then the location is critical. Students needing transportation from either LHS or LFSHS would be better served with a more central location. I like long-term thinking but perhaps the Chamber is over-involved in this matter? What can they put on the table that is sustainable?

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LHS students bring home National History Day honors

Well done! Thanks to teachers who foster this love of learning and their willingness to travel with students in the summer!

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Leadership Kansas members gather in Lawrence

You NAILED it!

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Another bill opposed by unions introduced as House gears up for debate on paycheck measure

It was HyVee. Quite a nice spread with a large thank you sign to the legislators.

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Fighting continues over anti-union bill

Lawrence Education Association IS a member of the Lawrence Chamber. Keep in mind that the Lawrence Chamber parted ways with the Kansas Chamber some time back. Many members of the Lawrence Education Association have written letters and are moving their money away from companies/ financial institutions such as Cap Fed, HyVee, and Dillons which donate money to the Kansas Chamber.

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Statehouse Live: Battle begins in House over public unions

I'll be shopping at Checkers and the Merc. Dillons, HyVee, and Aldi are no longer a viable option.

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Hello, I am a teacher...and I am a thug

Ms. Folsom, thanks for your service.

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