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KU student critically injured in accident at Iowa Street and Harvard Road

July 27, 2011: I just turned in my final draft of my thesis ready to head home and begin enjoying the post grad life when I was hit by a car at the same intersection. I had the green light with a pedestrian walking light and the fellow just blew the red light and nailed me at 45. Fortunately for me, he only got my front tire, which was still enough to tear my left quad and knee to shreds - and that was an Infiniti coupe.

Considering how many college students live on the other side of Iowa - plus the school just down Harvard - it is amazing that more people aren't hurt at this or any other intersection along Iowa. The only bridge is south of Bob Billings, which itself is terribly unsafe to cross, not to mention down the Iowa Hill. I agree that there needs to be a bridge or a tunnel somewhere near the peak of that hill, and perhaps adding a light and turn lanes at least one of University, Oxford and Stafford if for no other reason than to slow folks down before they reach the top of the hill.

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