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Moore, Hensley tangle over taxes, transportation plan, other issues

I wouldn't elect Moore dog catcher. He is clueless. There are already enough clueless representatives and senators in the Capitol without adding another.

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Group of ex-GOP lawmakers: Schools need more funding

I'm a big fan of Lewis Black. It seems that the current crop of conservative Republican knuckelheads evidently took Econ101 at 8:00 in the morning. To think that you can cut income taxes without a corresponding increase in local property taxes and sales tax is insane. Does everyone know that the proposal to eliminate income taxes on small businesses would include attorneys, real estate agents, insurance agents, farmers, etc. etc. etc.?

Oh yeah, I'd like to be paying the freight for those kuckelheads too!!!! NOT.

"You can't learn economics out of one bloodshot eye at 8 in the morning."
(roughly paraphrased (and cleaned up) from Lewis Black

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State employee association calls on Legislature to fund under-market pay increase

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Statehouse Live: Regents approve salary increases for university chiefs; hefty ones for some

Must be friggin nice. State employees haven't had a raise in 6 or 7 years and these buttheads get a 1.8% increase.

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Have you ever visited a foreign country?

Lived in Naples, Italy courtesy of Uncle Sam back in the early '70s. Traveled to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and San Marino. Also been to Mexico. Landed at the Paris airport on the way home once.

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KU, U.S. Attorney focus on recovering money lost in cash-for-tickets scam

Lew was too busy trying to cop his own perks to spend any time "managing" his athletic department.

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State legislators make little progress on 2012 budget as end of session nears

Rest assured that when these jack wagons (senate and house) reach agreement it will be in the wee hours of the night just in time for them to slink out of town before anyone knows what has been agreed upon.

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