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Would you support a sales tax increase to fund a police facilities upgrade?

The police in Lawrence spend the vast majority of their time handing out DUIs. Do they really need a multi-million dollar facility to do that?

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Marriage threats


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Latest tax cut proposal drives state budget to major shortfalls, according to projection

And don't forget that Brownback and the far right of the legislature are now taking money out of the Kansas Bioscience Authority. So that avenue of industry and job creation will very soon be defunct.

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House budget committee holds back $22 million from Kansas Bioscience Authority

So much for Kansas being a leader in the bioscience industry.

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Town Talk: Ross department store chain files plans to move into former Old Navy spot; city spends about $180,000 on Final Four operations; ADM signs lease to start local office

It sounds like the media believes the Kansas Bioscience Authority is going to go the way of the Kansas Arts Commission. So much for Kansas being ranked no. 5 in the country for the bioscience industry, and so much for Brownback's support of that industry. What good has he done this state as governor, or what good has happened since he became governor? I can't think of anything.

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KBA politics

I anticipate that the Governor will loot the KBA funds for his own political interests, and that the KBA and any bioscience initiative in the state that isn't focused on agriculture will disappear.

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Agriculture secretary named to Kansas Bioscience Authority

Brownback and the Republican legislature are using Thornton as an excuse to get their hands on KBA funds. So much for Kansas being a leader in the bioscience industry...

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This 'needs to be in Lawrence': Famous painting of Quantrill's Raid goes on sale for $30,000

Watkins museum should be doing more to get this painting.

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