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Straight talk on T

In addition my dear Indepedant_rebel,I have always taken responsibility for my actions, almost to a fault. To that end I will apologize right now, to all of you, for being a witless teenager who at the age of sixteen had no brains, no foresight, and was criminally-irresponsible enough to get knocked-up. Oh... and I take full responsibility for that Doctor and the Pharmacist both of whom forgot to mention when I was really sick that antibiotics compromise the effects of birth control, because It was my own foolish desires that put me in that position. I made mistakes, I have sought out as independently as I am able to make reparation for them. A majority of us work hard for our money but we can't all own cars, do you want that many more people driving? Then you'll pay more for road repairs and additions. We can't make the same amount as one another and we can't all live the same cookie cutter lives. We can do our best for ourselves and throw a little back to the people behind us in hopes that some of it lands in the most deserving hands, while understand that some of it won't. The T is the collective altruistic throw back from Lawrencians to Lawrencians, a charitable hand up in a self involved world.Church in this town... hmmm... I have a functioning heart full of caring and compassion, how would that work, my experience with the devout Lawrencian's has been plagued by hipocrisy. Aside from that, God in a building???? Why would God want to be inside, when God could be outside? Marveling over the glory of what remains of this extraordinary earth? If you want to be close to God, go stand in a field, garden, feed a bird, pet a dog, say hi to a neighbor, play with a child or practice a little altruism. I own a bike, a gift from my mother after my first one got stolen from my garage along with both of my children's bikes. However, I did not feel comfortable riding a bike as I was unsteady. Especially during the really bad weather when the sidewalks and roads were slick. The hill between 19th and 6th is a little scary on my own two feet, let alone two wheels. I had sprained my ankle badly stepping into a pothole filled with leaves on a road without sidewalks while walking to campus a month earlier, then banged up both Knees when I fell forward, damaging my knees a month later.

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Straight talk on T

Independent_rebel: I do not want any sympathy, I love my life, I own my mistakes. I have learned invaluable lessons from them. I invite you to follow me around for a week and see what you think then. I work hard, very hard, I also contribute in any way I can to help others. With your philosophy I am left wondering why I am paying taxes to maintain roads that I do not use! I could just as easily walk over a grassy hill. By george, thats it! From now on maybe we should all pay only for what we use, I wonder how the world would function then?!Please do not lecture me about living without my "wants", I do every day. I also do not pay for cable, own a car, go on weekend shopping trips to KC (or anywhere), I do not travel, I do not visit my 100 year old great-grandmother, my father, my grandparents or my brother nor do I buy all organic food, all of which are my wants. Am I poor? No, children I met on an alternative break to Mexico were poor. Haiti, Africa, and other places I have read about/ studied are poor. I am by American standards Low-income or what I call economically challenged. For the most part I am okay with that, because my hope is once I earn my Masters I will be more economically advantaged, besides that I would hate to have all my "wants" because life would stagnate, what would drive me/motivate me and keep me going If I could satisfy my every need/desire. I am offended!My children wear hand-me-downs and the clothes they get from other family members. The expensive gadgets and items they own are the only thing they get from the deadbeat paternal side for which I have no control. Most of my furniture is cast-aways, family loaners, or well timed sales. One of my greatest desires is to own a new Mattress and box-spring, as I have never in my life owned a new bed or one that does not sag, Yet a philosophy I promote widely is: There are two things in this world worth spending good money on: Your shoes and your bed, you spend half of your life in each.The T should stay, you may need it someday.

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Straight talk on T

None2: So I am to pay 10.00 (about two hours @ minimum wage) just to get to work by calling a taxi, I am only able to work 4 hours a day at that job, that would be $50.00 a week one way. You mean my friends who have their own lives, jobs and school of their own? How many people would get up at 5:30 everyday just to tote you around? If I join your church and need a ride every morning will you give me a ride? I spent what was left of my savings relocating my family after settling with the lender on my car. We moved somewhere more central to one of my employers (now much farther from the other), KU and schools for my children. Of course now the only store in walking distance is The Merc, which I obviously cannot afford. Not everyone can afford to relocate themselves though and Lawrence is a much larger, spread out a town than that of 1,000 people. Is the T the most crucial thing in all the world, no, but it positively impacts the lives of many and provides employment to people who live, shop and pay taxes in Lawrence too. There are worse things to spend money on for other people than a bus system. I am sure there is a healthy chunk of money being spent by the city on things less useful than the T most of which are largely unnecessary.

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Straight talk on T

Actually I could not finish what I was saying I had something to do. I am not asking for more hours, it was wonderful to have the bus to get home on (although timing/routes may need adjusting). Aside from the cold I really grew to love those walks, the iced trees were magnificent and most of the "arrogant" were still ensconced in their houses, leaving me to walk and reflect in relative peace. The bus was, however, the only way my two children could get to their respective schools besides walking while I was at work. Both schools were a little two far, especially for my oldest to be carrying a bulky instrument.

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Straight talk on T

I wonder if any of you have experienced life without transportation or Life without any more transportation than your shoes can provide plus children, life without transport plus children, two jobs, and attending college full-time. How are the people with an entry level income supposed to get on their feet and support themselves if they can't even get to work. Last winter I walked from 19th and Naismith to 6th and Iowa during the worst of our winter weather leaving my house at 4 am so I could make sure I was at work by 5:30 am, the first morning I cried half the way there and my tears froze. I owned a car at the time but it was sitting in my driveway for 6 months while I continued to make my monthly payments on it because I could not afford to fix it.I am once again embarrassed by most humanity.

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Battle over groundwater could reach new depths

Excess water???? I was not aware the world had excess water to just throw around. Can we not be satisfied until we have destroyed everything natural on this earth? Eminent domain should only be available for use in life threatening situations, they are going way to far with it. It is always the farm land, what are people going to eat once they have procured all the freakin' land then stuffed, filled and covered it with concrete, metal and wiring? I am embarrassed that I am human most days!

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City likely to raise water rates

I will say it again on this one, the 12 percent is to pay for all the land take over and construction they are going to be doing as they spend millions of dollars laying new, additional, water pipes across the river and around north lawrence and out to the airport.

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Water bills to go up

uh... the 12 percent is to pay for all the land take over and construction they are going to be doing as they spend millions of dollars laying new water pipes around north lawrence and out to the airport.

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Fewer swimmers surface at outdoor aquatic center

gl0ck0wner....hmmm...I was not aware there were special tax rates for north, east, south and west Lawrence. I wonder what the middle Lawrence tax rates are?! I hope I am not funding those crazy west Lawrence schools. Gosh that would just really suck to have to spend my tax money helping to keep children educated so that they can grow up to be productive and law abiding citizens. Oh yes and lets just damn all the people and their children who are working hard and struggling to get by, surely their children do not deserve to swim at the pool. Sheesh... There is so little to do in this town for kids that is low cost, must we prevent them from the age old tradition of swimming in the summer. Perhaps if the City worried more about maintaining what it already has than adding to it we would not have to worry so much about funding.

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Fewer swimmers surface at outdoor aquatic center

For us it is the fee's. $60. a month for 3 kids or $9. dollars a day is insanity. It is not a very public pool if the public cannot afford to swim there. Where I used to live you could pay $75. for an entire family for the entire summer and you had 3 locations to choose from.

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