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Wal-Mart brings cheap prescription drugs to Kansas

Albuterol is supposedly being repackaged in a more expensive way and so the cheapest option available in town will be the $70 product ( per a Dillon's pharmacist). Thankfully, it's on Walmart's list.

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Wal-Mart brings cheap prescription drugs to Kansas

I hate to say this but I'll be buying my inhalers from the Evil Empire. A single refill will cost me $70 for a month long supply at other phamarcies. How on earth can I afford that much without insurance?!! From where I am standing, $5 is a wonderful bargain, albeit the only one I'll be naking use of at Walmart.

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Pit bull amnesty convinces some owners to abide by ban

I remember mentioning a month or so ago that empty barrels make the loudest noise. Hence the constant yapping from Marion's corner of the yard.

rightthinker referred to the "breed down in the heart of KCK that should be on that list." Please let me know how else to interpret that. And then explain how you agreeing with him and providing further justification for the elimination of this "breed" is not racist. What frightens me is that people like you masquerade as upstanding members of society. You could be my neighbour. Ick!

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Pit bull amnesty convinces some owners to abide by ban

It's surprising that no one noticed (or maybe no one wants to comment) rightthinker's (a major misnomer when taken literally) and Marion's first few comments. Everytime I decide you have made a marginal attempt to redeem yourselves, you slither right back down to the bottom of that pit. That "breed"! "Ghetto Cruiser"?! Wow! I need time to recoup.

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County leader foils would-be scam artist

There are all manners of reports written everyday and I am wont to accept every word. My dad is an independent financial consultant with the federal govt. and so I know that most of those reports are wrong and contradictory. It's unfortunate that people read them and accept their statistics, often based on supposition, as fact.

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County leader foils would-be scam artist

Apology accepted. I am just tired of hearing about how Nigerians invented this fantastic crime that manages to defraud guileless victims of billions annually. The truth of it is that this did NOT originate in Nigeria. It has been around for years and the internet only made it easier for people in other countries to make it an intercontinental affair. There are Nigerians who are just as greedy who end up victims of the exact same thing. My dad was actually approached by an American who found his company name online.

BTW, The criminal code that addresses Advanced Fee Fraud (which is basically our catchall for financial crimes) is 419. That's how it ended up with that name.

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County leader foils would-be scam artist

I usually ignore barrel-bottom products such as Marion but I feel compelled to defend the integrity of the 99.9% of a nation that does not engage in nefarious activity. Idiot, a country of 200 million is hardly dependent on the financial proceeds from the activities of a corrupt few who, by the way, require incredibly greedy "victims" to succeed. Nigeria is almost entirely dependent on crude oil deposits. She is the 5 largest exporter to the US and sith in the world. Empty barrels make the most noise. Enlighten your ignorant self.

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