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Because the jury convicted Rose of involuntary manslaughter instead of 1st or 2nd degree murder, his most serious offense was arson. The legislature has taken much of the sentencing discretion from the judges by creating the matrix. The judge sentenced Rose to the maximum. He got 61 months for arson, that is the maximum. He got 32 months for each involuntary manslaughter and 32 months for each aggravated battery and the judge ran them consecutively. That would total 381 months. The legislature guidelines limit the total sentence to double the most serious offense, arson. That brings us back to the jury. Even though the DA pointed out the law says that any death during the commission of a felony is murder, the jury felt different.

It's interesting to read these comments. I didn't hear the judge say anything about the response time the fire department took to get to the fire. I heard him say that there were unanswered questions about the fire departments response. I believe that came from testimony from the police. Officers said they twice went to the front of the building and told the fire department to bring ladders to the back to help people out of the windows on the third floor. That never happened. Because the trial was about Jason Rose, no one explained why the ladders and fire department didn't go to the back to help the people.

There is probably a very good reason why the fire department was unable to respond to the people in the third floor windows, but no one knows what that is. The video showed how chaotic everything was at the scene. It would be good to hear who the officers notified and why there was, what appears to be, a delay in responding. The officers did what they could to break the falls of those victims, but all they had was a towel or blanket.

This is information from testimony at the trial. There are many unanswered questions because the trial was about whether Jason Rose set the fire rather than the response from the fire or police departments.

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Fire chief defends response time

I don't have any answers for m1983 or bitter. They need to ask the fire dept and police. I already described the testimony I heard. I don't know any more.

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Fire chief defends response time

I think possibly the judge was referring to the police testimony. They said they went twice to the front to get the fire department to bring a ladder to the back help the victims from the 3rd floor windows. They testified that they had to physically dissuade two intoxicated men from trying to enter the building to rescue a friend who returned a second time with a ladder. They testified that the fire department never came to the lot with a ladder. There are many things that came out in the trial that were not in the media.

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