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Failed duty

What about the relationships between environmental groups and Bremby and his staff during that administration's attempt to stop the plant at all costs, including making up legal authority that didn't exist? I'd like to see an investigative news article on how those interest groups worked together.

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Song Blog: Weathering The Storm

The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks

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State legislator cites her position during traffic stops in attempts to avoid being ticketed

The KHP video can be viewed here.

The article got the quotes right, but the video really shows how she used every bit of leverage she could think of, including mentioning that she makes the laws he's enforcing, and the fact that she'll be meeting with the governor and head of transportation when she returns to Topeka.

Two other bits of irony: She is the ranking minority member on the Senate Ethics Committee and she voted against raising the speed limit to 75.

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Oil Subsidies? Is this a joke?

I believe "oil subsidies" is a misnomer coined and heavily overused by the left. The linked blog was nothing but a list of numbers, which, rather than subsidies, appear to be tax breaks of the likes afforded to many different industries.

The real joke is that we taxpayers bailed out the likes of AIG and Citibank, who, rather than folding as poorly managed businesses are expected to do, are now cavalierly pronouncing themselves viable again. Those are the parasites that need to go away.

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Song Title and Lyric Game: Your Favorite Swan Songs of Farewell

Ronda, your post is heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.

"You'll be in my Heart" Phil Collins

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Song Title and Lyric Game: it has to come, it has to go

"Have Gun Will Travel" by Johnny Western

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