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Former Lawrence Chamber president hired in Overland Park

I think it's really interesting how everyone still contends that Lavern Squier resigned from the Lawrence Chamber. Do you really think we are idiots? It's heartwarming how we play so nice when a CEO or President of an organization leaves by allowing him to "resign." I agree with kcm, prayers are the only thing that could possibly save any staff members or associates from his paranoid, schizophrenic, obsessive behavior. As for the ED future of OP, not looking rosy folks. This man doesn't know his place and will be vying for the Alpha Dog position as soon as he can. Tracey Osborne, watch your back girl! OP's loss is our gain:hmmm, shouldn't that be the other way around when a valued Chamber leader "resigns"?

June 27, 2008 at 7:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Chamber of Commerce president departing

How nice for Mr. Squier an evolutionary step in his career and for the Chamber. Sounds like a prepared media statement to me. Like we don't know the real reason he is leaving. Gee, that really surprises me because according to him, he was the only REAL leader in this community. Go ahead; ask him, he'll be happy to tell you. City, County, Universities, Schools, Chamber Board members and staff would be lost without him. Nothing would have occurred in this community during the past 5 years if it wasn't for him. Not only does he take credit for the hard work, ideas and ingenuity of others, he has to criticize and discredit everyone he comes into contact with to further aggrandize himself. Yes, Mr. Squier, nobody is as all knowing and powerful as you. I can't even imagine how he treated his staff - can you believe that turnover! Didn't your mommy ever tell you that what goes around comes around? Bye, bye!

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