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Walking in a sanitation worker’s shoes

Interesting piece. It's funny how the "Dirty Jobs" phenomenon is so captivating. Like others, I would like to see this done on a regular basis so everyone can see the hard work other professions entail.

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Work out like a personal trainer

I liked this article. I also hope people understand that having a gym membership or a personal trainer is not essential to workout. Buy a set of dumbells, find a tree or jungle gym where you can do pull ups, walk/run on your own. Using your own body weight with pushups, ab work, etc. can get you into shape. I think it's common for people to not workout because they think they HAVE to do it at a gym or with a trainer.
If you're making a new year's resolution to get in shape, go for it!

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Vermont Street BBQ closing in four days

This is most likely as close as I will get to making the millionth comment. Darn.

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Parents band together to find solution to school transportation problem

Seamus--as much as I agree with you about children being obese and should have more physical activity in their lives, you've gotta realize times have changed. I strongly believe that kids should be active every day, but having kids cross busy intersections, more than once, several times during a trip to or from school is just asking for one of them to be run over. As much as we all think kids should grow up the way WE grew up, it just ain't happenin'. Get with the times.

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More than 2,750 turn out for community workout

I'm glad so many people decided to show up to support Red Dog and his contribution to Lawrence. It is my hope that this single event might trigger people's determination and launch them into exercising on a more regular basis. And, as DMcClain said, I hope it can be an annual event to show appreciation to Red Dog and to encourage more members of our community to become active.

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Marathoners brave weather for charity

Regardless of if the weather and runner descriptions were accurate or exaggerated, at least there were 1,500 people on the streets in less than ideal weather being active and aiming for fitness. Rather than bash those who actually participated, it might be more fun to slam the fatties who sit at home and reach the same heart rate as these runners when they flush the toilet.

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Phys-ed instructor is elementary teacher of year

My brother and sister have only ever had good things to say about him. I've talked to him a time or two as well, and he seems like a great guy. I'm glad to see his passion and ability are noticed.

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Lawrence firefighter salutes Obama while at work at South Pole

It's good to know that the "son" is shining.

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Lawrence kids step into national spotlight with two network TV appearances

Great day for Lawrence kids.

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Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival leaving Lawrence for Arkansas

marktrail,I think the hippies have you beat in one area: spelling.

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