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Petition seeks Kansas secession from the United States because of Obama's re-election

many? wrong. Maybe use something more appropriate. Try "a small fraction of a minority". The Majority has spoken.

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Residents get answers on proposed rec center

no, you have no idea how to do quality of life. keep your concrete jungle and stay in joco

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Kansas hit by more than month’s worth of tornadoes

those numbers are reports from trained weather spotters. you can find the data here:
there is no way to accurately say exactly how many tornadoes occur the morning after severe weather, so we rely on trained weather spotters inputting data. It is entirely possible to get more than one spotter reporting the same tornado, and also entirely possible that one tornado passes several jurisdictions to get counted. Same thing for wind speed, and size of hail. To be most accurate, it this probably needs to be noted that the data comes from spotters, and hopefully late this week or early next week an "official count" can be determined.

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Occupy Lawrence notifies city that some campers plan to stay in South Park despite warnings from city

Protesters, do what you will. No law made by man serves anyone else but that man. Fines? Give them back their federal notes, they are worth nothing anyway. Discover true wealth among yourselves

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