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Behind the Lens: Pointy boots and point-and-shoots

Thanks Denny. I hope to continue the monthly column as long as I can. Appreciate the support.

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2015 Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships

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Free State High 2015 Graduation

Yes. My mistake.

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Photos of the month: October 2014

Thanks for the note Lawrence.
We only have a few animal photographs because they just aren't all that common or part of our typical daily coverage. Richard Gwin takes quite a few and we publish as many as we can without getting redundant with the subject. We're all up for more animal photos, but beyond the usual deer, dog and fowl, we're not blessed with tons of opportunities. I don't think people need to see many photos of my house cat. But the eagles should be gathering along the river soon.

We have had several women photo staff members in the past. Unfortunately, we don't have a female on the photo staff currently. Our staff has a very low turnover rate so there are few opportunities to add new photographers, including women.

The Best of the Month idea was started to contribute additional content to our online visual report. It's just a way for our 3 full-time staff photographers to re-purpose their work and allow us to pick out some of our favorites. It is an interesting idea to include similar photos by the public and from other photographers from around the state, but that is not the goal of this online feature. I'm open to having people submit photographs to me whenever they want for possible inclusion online in my Behind the Lens columns. That is a place where photographers could share their work. Maybe I can provide some themes for each month and see if people respond with entries.

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Halloween photo gallery

Sorry. I didn't get the Batcall.

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Lions’ ace returns; O-North pitcher steals show

Hi Joey, This isn't Nick, but I thought I'd make a quick reply in case he doesn't see this right away. We shoot through the chain-link backstop actually. You can do this if you use a telephoto lens and put the front of the lens close and almost against the fence. Try to frame the pitcher with your lens, through one of the diamond shaped chain-link fence openings. If you use a large aperture (f/2.8-f/4.0) - it will result in a shallow depth of field. Then by focusing on the pitcher, the chain-link fence will become largely out of focus and appear to disappear in the frame. The important thing is to use the longest telephoto lens you can, use a large aperture and frame the pitcher through the center of the diamond shaped links in the fence. Good luck.

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Behind the Lens: The history of the selfie

I made 2 errors in my text with this story. The photo of Robert Cornelius was taken in 1839, not 1893 and 13-year-old Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna took her self-portrait in 1913 not 1918. Sorry for the mistakes. I should stay behind the camera. Mike

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Behind the Lens: Cold-weather photo becomes a hot-ticket item for other newspapers

Thanks for the nice comments everyone. It was a fun run with that photograph. Now let's hope for a little more sunshine and warmth!

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Behind the lens: Archiving old slides for the present day? Let’s get digital

Thanks Ron. I meant to say "to above" $2,000. I have a Nikon 9000 scanner, but when I bought it it was only around $2,000. Didn't know Nikon had inflated them to that high of a price. The problem for me was I couldn't fit the 127 medium format, mounted slides in the scanners film holders and I didn't want to remove the film from the mount. It does allow 2 1/4" film strips, which is great.

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