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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

And the guy Chad Lawhorn is not a good editor. How can agree to write a such thing like that? May be Chad can donate all the money to them. Or ask Brownback for that....hhahahahaaaaaa

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

Are you kiiding me? Does money grow on tree? How about donating some money to those, who can barely eat?
These people are greedy. How do they pay rents, if they did not have any money? This is totally a hoax. I know they have a store in Topeka, which does very well. I have had bad experience shopping there few times. My question is to them and all: "If your store is going to hell, why not shut it down and let other entreprenuers start a new business."
If they needed money that bad, why they opened another store? Jjust think guys before you donate any money.
It would be wrong to say IWIG milk is the best. There are other brand organic milk available. Do not fall for this crap. Westar energy just increased the rate. We need money to pay the bill. Will IWIG lower their milk price for us? No. I do not think so. This is insanity asking for money from the customer.

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Jin Shan Buffet

Worst customer service ever. Do not get me wrong. I love the food, and will always care for the restaurant. However, the manager does not know how to treat a customer. She probably thinks it is China, where she can get away with any crucial behavior. For instance, when we complained about a simple issue, she got irate. They labeled a food item 'chicken', but actually it was pork, which they admitted making a mistake. Since, we are Muslims, it insutled our faith. She said it did not matter, and did not apologize for that. Then she went back to the counter, and threw dishes on the floor, and started screaming. Cutomers were stunned by her behavior. We could not wait to leave the place. It was that unpeaceful. I am sorry, but would you like to eat at a restaurant, where they do not treat you well? Cooks are good, but waitresses are rude since they are trained worse by the manager. Its upto you!!!

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

One interesting thing I have found by living in this country that everyone likes show off what they have. If we have good school, we like to compete for the look of the school. I am sure once you graduate from KU by spending all your parent's money, you forget about the school, and your parents. Lot of movies like American Pie, Porky suggest that most of students come to school to party. May be you are one of them. The school does not look like junk at all. If you really love KU, you would not call KU junk. If you really love your mother, you never call her some bad names. That's how school should be to you.

KU is an educational institute. All I am asking not to push for this increasing expenses. My comments are not meant to be harmful in a way, but caring for others who cant go to good public schools like KU due to lack of fund.

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

By pointing out ideas like that make an assumption that you are supporting the idea. That's why I called you selfish. Don't you wish this country's every single person would be literate. Education is important, and every person deserves it. Higher expense will block that route forever. If we were Harvard, I would say 'okay'. But we are not them. Please do not let this crime of taking people's survival medium happen. We already make a huge amount of money from dorms, and Jayhawker towers. One thing I would suggest is KU should openly discuss where, and how the current money is being spent. they should show all receipts, and need to describe the purpose of increasing tuition fees. I want to see if they have that guts to show it to the public. Until then we should protest.

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

That only benefited business owners. Are they going to donate me money for the educational expenses?

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

Whatever the cost is now should remain for next few years at least.
Why do you think KU should be expensive? Are you one of the staff or faculty group? It surely seems like it. What bothers me is there are many KU professors would ask for unnecessary raise and send their children to Harvard or MIT. That is totally hypocrisy. And, in return who suffers? US. Why does KU need to do the construction on the campus every year? I am sure they want to bill students for all these.

KU has become more commercialized than ever with the basketball thing. When KU basketball won back in 2008, who was benefited from that? If you look into the system, you will find KU has hidden treasure. It is like oil. US has oil but still demanding oil from other countries, because they do not want to run out. It is all about making money, and it has been going on since this country was built. The mentality is there, but attitude has changed.

Humanity has died in front of greed. Thanks.

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year


May be your fathers either work for the FED or they are doctors or making black money or you are taking huge federal loans. Education is neither free nor should be that expensive. Do not be selfish. Please think about others, who cannot afford education like you.

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

Also, I think International students should stop applying for this school when INS makes this such hard for them that first of all they cannot work more than 20 hours a week at school because of being non-citizenship status. While they are paying usually more money than any other students, but not getting all benefits like other students. No wonder, few students leave KU out of frustration, and try to work illegally off campus. As a result, they are out of status, and ruin their own life. I am not satisfied with the whole agenda, and policy.

Now a days, it is not fun anymore to gain knowledge. All the time, we have to remember the pressure of learning something we do not want because of paying non-necessary fees. I guarantee you if students from Middle-East and East Asian rich family members stop applying for KU, it will suffer greatly in the future. If KU charges huge fees for attending school, it should give equal rights to non-resident US, and International students, who are paying same amount of money.

If we do not stop this act, someday you will have to pay not $10,000 per semester, but $50,000/ $80,000 per semester. The future is in your hand. Please help us change it. Thanks for reading.

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

The new counselor Bernadette is not doing a good job by taking all our money and filling her pocket. KU Engineering building just received a huge donation. KU basketball did not win for last two years. Why do they need all these money? Are they opening a strip mall on the campus. I think we all should walk for a rally on campus to stop this violence. I call it a violence, because it is nothing but robbing us openly. Lawrencians, please, wake up.

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