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Republicans approve tax, appropriations bills to conclude legislative session

You might want to look up the facts about the IRS scandle, it wasn't just conservative groups that were targeted. And historically this isn't the first time groups have been targeted.

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Hearing scheduled on bill prohibiting abortion if fetal heartbeat detectable

Ironically, all paintings of Adam and Eve include belly buttons. Some people will have to think about that for a while before the "Ah-ha" moment hits them.

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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

You still have a constitutional right to worship any religion you wish. You are not allowed to make laws based on that religion that violate other constitutional rights. Why is that so hard to understand?

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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

Let me rephrase this for you. If a new gun control law can prevent just one person from dying, it will be worth it. For all your hollering about smaller, less intrusive government, you should be totally against this bill. This is a Constitutional right!!! You are nothing but a hypocrite if you support all other Constitutional rights, except abortion! End of argument. Abortion has been debated, your side lost, grab your box of Kleenex, soak up your tears and move on.

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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

I don’t have a problem with this legislation if they implement the full range of consequences it brings to the women of Kansas. If life begins at fertilization, then we must ban certain forms of hormonal birth control. In-vitro fertilization must be made illegal, since there is a chance it won’t be successful. What would they do with the extra fertilized eggs? To destroy those would be murder, to exempt in-vitro fertilization from this law is hypocrisy. The state will need to create a new department to investigate miscarriages. Each miscarriage would have to be investigated to make sure it wasn’t caused by a woman with the intent of ending her pregnancy. How long does a woman stay in jail for causing a miscarriage? At what point will the mother need to apply for a Social Security number for the fetus? How much do you think an airline, theater, sport stadium or other venue should charge the fetus for a ticket?

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Kansas House bill targets sexually oriented businesses

Their rally cry is smaller, less intrusive government, government is the problem. When the government leaves people alone, things get better and we prosper. Oh wait…..what they mean is; a smaller government unless you want to take your home brew to a friend’s house, go to a topless bar, buy medical insurance with abortion coverage included, have your union dues auto drafted from your paycheck, etc., etc. Don’t even start with the abortion issue, it’s a Constitutional Right and they are trying their best to deny this right to the citizens of Kansas. Funny how they try to squash certain Constitutional Rights when they don’t fit their far Right-Wing dogma. Calling them hypocrites is a nice to put it.

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Aquifer sees 2nd largest decline on record in 2012

You're right Hooligan01, pipelines NEVER break or leak.

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Letter: Russian crossing

What makes more sense? 1: Regional environment groups and community activists are spending their limited operating budgets in a massive conspiracy with 90% of the global scientific community to create a hoax and ruin the economy. 2: Oil companies are spending their billions and billions in profits to bribe anyone they can to protect their profits and limit any future liability that their pollution might cause.

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Senate approves changes in selection of judges

I find it interesting that Brownback and his supporters are bothered by, "centrist" judges. They assume any view that isn't, "Radical Right Wing" is, "Flaming Liberal" views. By definition, being in the center means you look at both sides of an issue and then make a decision. That's what judges should do.

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Brownback seeking end of property tax deduction for homeowners

For over 120 years now, Republican (failed) fiscal policy has consisted largely of cutting taxes on the rich and raising them on everyone else. Originally called "Horse and Sparrow" during the time of 'Silent Cal' Coolidge (feed the horse enough oats and the sparrow should get some as it filters through to the road below), and subsequently named "Trickle Down" by Will Rogers about Hoover's economy, it has NEVER WORKED. Well, OK, it has definitely 'worked' to penalize low and middle-income Americans and engorge the coffers of the rich. Today, this malarkey is cloaked in "Job Creator" nonsense rhetoric. I just completely fail to understand how how rank and file middle or working class Republicans can buy this crap. It is eating them alive just like the rest of us.

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