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Campus crime rate drops, continuing 10-year trend

I know a lot of ex-police officer's that use to work for KU. "Ex" being the key.

Funny thing, how alot of them say they quit, left or found another job b/c of the Sgt's, Cpt's and Administration telling them not arrest, not be proactive, or do anything that makes the University look bad.

KU wants police officer's just to say that they have them, Public Relations. Makes parents feel safe. But they really don't want them to do anything to make the stats go up. That would be bad thing, since it is mandatory that they report all crimes in Campus.

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Guantanamo inmates may go to Leavenworth

I was in Gitmo from 2002-2003 when they first started to bring the detainees in. The detainees were treated better than most US soldiers, marines, and sailors on the post.
They had HOT meals made for them, and the stretch marks to prove it. They were allowed to practice their religion (The US even played the prayer music over the loud speaker.) The military personal weren't allowed to conduct any business during their prayers. I had to hear that 5 times a day. They had free medical care whenever they wanted it, the International Red Cross, and contact with their government if they wanted it.
I think I can count on one hand the number of times they played "to the color", "reveille", etc... The General at the time didn't want to upset the detainees.
Can I say that abuse/neglect never took place, No. I wasn't everwhere at all times, but I can say they were well taken care of.
But remember these are the same people who were trying to kill Americans in Afgan. If they can tell a lie to make the image of America look bad, they would.

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City asks state for advice on bar safety


The City of Ottawa, Hutchinson, Wichita, Derby and Leawood and others are placing tighter restrictions on CCW than what is written in the STATE LAW. They are all claiming they are "employers" and can ban weapons from thier workplace. So that means anywhere they own property they can ban weapons. (ie... city hall, parks, city owned or leased buildings...etc...)

In-theory, if they wanted to push it they could ban it on sidewalks, right-of-ways, streets and anything else the city "owns".

The Ottawa Herald did a story on it last week.

I don't agree with what they are doing, it is not how the law was meant to be but they are getting away with it.

Oh yeah, AG Paul Morrison backs them.

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City asks state for advice on bar safety

I found this memo between the city attorney and Corliss. It is dated last year. Pretty interesting if you care about law.

In general,
- No other city in Kansas has a "close proximity" clause. (Only Lawrence)
- "Close Proximity" is defined as 200ft away
- It applies to all "deadly weapons"
- If you have a concealed carry permit, the "close proximity" wouldn't apply.
- If you are an LEO this doesn't apply

And if you think the City of Lawrence doesn't possess the power to regulate firearms this was extracted from the memo:

"The power to adopt reasonable police power regulations dealing with firearms possession is within the home rule powers of Kansas cities. See Junction City v. Lee, 216 Kan. 495 (1975)."

Just FYI

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Some at KU weary of goalpost overkill

Sorry, it was KU v. MU.

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Some at KU weary of goalpost overkill

The LJWorld failed to mention that in 2005 KU v. KSTATE. KU won that game, Fans tore down the goal post, threw the pieces in Potter Lake, then recovered them and started towards downtown. When drunken crowd started hiking to Mass with a 30' section of post, they were approached by KUPD. The refused to comply and got pepper sprayed.

It took KUPD three months through an internal investigation to clear that officer who used that pepper spray. Think about it, it took them three months to clear that officer of pepper spray, PEPPER SPRAY, the least amount of force that can be applied without touching someone. Imagine the stress on the officer if he used a beanbag round, or less lethal round of any kind.

It would be an all out murder-type investigation there.

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DUIs on record of Cat Tracker driver

Really the only thing this article did was get you and whoever else read this out of Jury Duty, IF HE IS CHARGED WITH DUI.

Thanks to the LJWorld for bring up someone's criminal history, which taints your individual right to a fair trial. And now that you all know his past record you can't be on the jury.

The only time this type of Criminal History can be used in during sentencing, NOT DURING TRIAL.

Thank You LJWORLD.

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Carrier rewarded for heroic efforts

Congrats to Peterson.

Best of luck to him on the National Award.

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Lawrence man jailed after carjacking, chase

- alm77 -

"You can't outrun that radio..."

Yeah but eventually there has be someone there to phsyically arrest the suspect. Never heard of a radio arresting someone.

- don_burgess -
"(Lawrence police couldnt stop him in Missouri because they were out of jurisdiction. Is that what you are talking about?)"

There is this nice ruling by the courts and law called Fresh Pursuit or Hot Pursuit and it gives jurisdiction to Agency pursuing the suspect no matter where he stops. And all crimes (traffic, misd, or felony) committed during the chase, the pursuing Agency can charge no matter where they take place.

So yes, LPD could have chased them into Missouri and stopped them and arrested him and had jurisdiction. But they had to chase him first.


But anyways, it is a sad day when Law Enforcement Officals where ever they are to scared to chase someone for Aggravated Robbery (KSA 21-3427). Which is a PERSONS FELONY for all you Douglas County Deputies that didn't do anything.

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Rules for pursuits differ among police agencies

So a person vandalizing property, running from the police on foot, pulling a knife on somebody to rob them of thier vehicle, and striking a police car with the stolen vehicle in an attempt to get away doesn't qualify as being needed to be stopped by LPD or Douglas County?


You know I could understand if all he did was break some items at Checkers but it went way beyond that.

LPD, Douglas County, and all the other agencies that didn't pursue or try to stop this person should probably go over there policies again. This guy was a threat to the public, he showed intent with the knife and recklesses disregard for Law Enforcement with he struck one of thier vechiles.

Kudos to the KHP and MHP for knowing what "seriousness of a crime" is.

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