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Still no guarantees Big 12 will last

There is no need to be hating on Texas, Nebraska is the one that decided to leave and it is my belief, regardless of what he says, Tom Osborne was jealous of Texas' success and the lack of success that Nebraska has been having. Sure, it's about the money, unfortunately, just about everything in America is about the money; we are in a capitalist society that cherishes the green. The last figures available regarding revenues brought in by football for Big 12 schools is 2008, guess who brought in the most, naturally, it was Texas at $88.7 million which was the highest in the country, about $20 million more than second place Ohio St. Kansas pulled in a whopping $17.7 million for the same time period. Even though Kansas had total athletic revenue greater than three of the teams that were in the mix to move, the bottom line is what can you generate on the football field?
I am a Jayhawk through and through and I'm not trying to be an apologist for Texas but with that kind of money they can do about anything they want. This is a time for Beebe to become aggressive and truly save the Big 12 by making some aggressive moves to ensure we keep what we have and that we are in a position of strength to attract a couple of other teams that will help make the league stronger and more profitable. That means attracting two, three, four...teams that have strong football programs with a large potential TV audience.

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Self: AAU players aren’t funneled to KU

Sounds to me like Jack wants us to go back to the days when only a select "elite" few could/should go to college. I can not imagine where we would be as a country, a society, a world if that logic was implemented. Jack also talks about the coddling that must happen with these prima dona athletes; Jack, give me a break, these student/athletes spend a great deal of time contributing to the KU bottom line as well as to the reputation of the university, and we are generally speaking of those athletes in the money generating sports. I would agree there are some, maybe many, schools who simply want to use the students until their eligibility is exhausted, but if you look at KU's record for graduating athletes it is very good and I don't believe this is happening as a result of cheating. A great deal of time is spent insuring the student/athletes get the type of tutoring they need to be successful, after all, not every athlete at the college level is going to make it to the NBA, the NFL, etc., they need to get the most out of their education as possible and most attempt to do so. Not to mention all the student athletes in the sports that do not promise the most gifted a professional opportunity, these student/athletes add much to the university and in many instances much to our society after graduation.
I would agree that there is way too much money in athletics, especially on the pro side and would probably agree that many of the college athletes are making great sums of money for colleges and universities and there should be some way to get some of that money into the hands of the athletes. I have not figured a way to do that that, but there are those who will argue, that today's student/athlete on a full scholarship, worth at least $100,000 up to $150,000 is getting paid--and to tell you the truth that is a hard argument to overcome.
Sports do bring a great many things to a college campus, including students who like to watch sports and who bring things to the university that otherwise could be lacking--this could be in the arts, literature, science, etc. Don't think that athletics is only for the brawn and brainless, that is far from the truth. And as others have said, colleges and universities would not be what they are today without all those athletes that have made their contributions over the years.

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Picture perfect: Recruit Zach Peters says Kansas ideal

DRsmith, have you seen this kid play? I would not assume he is a "slow unathletic white guy." If you have seen him play and you base your comment on that fact, I accept your description, otherwise your stereotype is not appreciated.

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Title IX suit targets KU men’s athletics

I get it, because of ACORN, libs and minorities we had the banking crisis. It didn't have anything to do with the "get the government out of our lives" republicans who eliminated most of the banking regulations that kept banks under control. Oh no, it was the minorities getting all those loans they couldn't afford. I would like to know who gave them those loans, it certainly wasn't ACORN. Again, we are talking about greedy bankers who figured out ways to sucker people into getting loans they could not afford all in the interest of getting richer by convincing people (who wanted in most instances simply to share in the American dream of owning a home) to take loans that even the people knew they could not afford. But, I guarantee you it was not minorities getting those seven figure loans to purchase 3-5000 sq ft home they could not afford, which are now in foreclosure. I apologize to those who are on this blog wanting to talk about sports but have gotten suckered punched by onlyone into talking about politics. But that is what happens with disciples of Rush and others of his ilk.

Title IX is about fairness, initially implemented because women were getting the short end relative to sports dollars. It is still about fairness; I would think for a major university like KU it is ridiculous to have only six sports in which men can participate. Why shouldn't a university of the caliber of KU have wrestling, swimming, golf, tennis, etc. for men. We pride ourselves in having great sports teams as we pride ourselves in being a top rank academic institution; we are short changing the guys at this point. No one is asking that men get more, the quest is for some equality at this point, it just so happens that men are currently on the short end of this debate. Onlyone I think you need to get a life and listen to commentators other than Rush, O'Reilly, etc.--give me a break.

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Giles dismissed from team

Oh, these holier than thou attitudes and opinions. I think Self did the right thing but from reading the very short article it appears that the incident involved a "former" girlfriend who would not leave his apartment.

It is easy to say after-the-fact he should never have gotten involved with the "former" girlfriend but it truly sounds like he was trying to stay away from her. I would imagine he probably pushed her out of his apartment and she called the cops, misdemeanor battery.

I think Self made the right move because this is going to happen time and time again; I think the best that could happen for him at this time is to get to another school and maybe this time he will get his act together. I would agree that his father needs to be a father and maybe that will eliminate "some" of the obstacles he keeps plunging into rather than going around.

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