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Trial for Yellow House owner Carrie Neighbors starts

The only people who testified against her and said that they sold her stolen goods were people who were serving drastically reduced sentences for saying they told her that stuff was stolen! If they took a deal to testify against her, their testimony should be inadmissable!

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Trial for Yellow House owner Carrie Neighbors starts

You make a mochary of the idea that there could be corruption within the government, but America has had a long history of that...and yes all the way up to the president (maybe not the current one, but let's have Nixon for an example). I remember a lawrence police officer pleading guilty not too long ago after a scheme to copy DVD's from Target. So don't act like the government never has corruption.

Also, this woman has owned her business for over 20 years. She works her butt off in that store moving appliances, cleaning appliances all year long in the 110 degree weather and in the sub zero weather. The prosecutor has picked 10-15 cases where something stolen was sold to her and that makes her a criminal? This is a very small percentage considering how much business she does on a regular basis!

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Trial for Yellow House owner Carrie Neighbors starts

It's rediculous to think that she would remember everyone that came in her store day to day. So after they described him, should she have chased every man out of her store that fit his description!? When you meet someone you probably can't remember their name five minutes later, now meet 50 people a day and times it by 3 days later. Besides, it's not her job, police can pick him up and arrest him, obviously if they knew who he was, then they could go find him. Not her job

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Teachers reject board's initial pay offer

Lawrence teachers don't make near what they should. Teachers in our district have a starting salary with 0 years of experience of $47,000..... in lawrence, I believe that's someone with 18 years of experience or so!

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2 plead guilty to selling stolen goods


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2 plead guilty to selling stolen goods

I think if after three years of putting up with this crap they don't have enough to shut down their business, then they need to leave them the hell alone. Those of you out there thinking they're guilty need to ask yourselves then what should the punishment be? They have been put through three years of absolute hell. Been scrutinized, shunned, outcasted and judged before they have even had a trial, and most of that before they were even charged! I thought about not sharing this, but maybe ya'll need to know. Their whole lives had been ruined by these accusations before they are even found guilty and that defeats the whole purpose of our justice system...The fundamental perk of being an American. They missed the birth of their first and only granddaughter because they had been arrested and dragged on and on for over a year and a half before they were charged. They have since missed her growing up, she's almost two! I just hope that those of you who are so quick to call them guilty can then ask yourselves ok when is enough enough and everyone freaking move on! If they had all this evidence and they were so guilty of this, why didn't they shut their business down? I thank God that our family is as strong as it is. Most families could not go through what our family has been through and still be sticking up for eachother and supporing each other. And NO I am not Guy or carrie, but I am a part of their family. They are two of the most amazing people l know.

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2 plead guilty to selling stolen goods

Doesn't mean you know what he told Yellow House when she bought them. Does that mean you knew when he stole them? Why didn't you report it?

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2 plead guilty to selling stolen goods

So them my questions to you is were you at the scene when Yellow House was buying items. You don't have a clue what story there were being fed. I know when we were growing up we always had at least 5 bikes in our garage because we had a big family. IF we had gone through some hard times and needed some extra cash, we could have sold them. TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE... and Stop playing the blame game when you don't know the facts!

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2 plead guilty to selling stolen goods

PUDGY 1................. I am suprised that you believe everything you read here because you youreself said before that "Everyone knows the newspapers only prints half truths!!" (SEE BELOW) Such a hipocrit! This was taken from another LJworld blog story.------------------------------------------------------------Pudgy1 (Anonymous) says: Wow, everyone here knows and many have claimed, that the media prints half-truths. How many here were actually at the scene of this tazing incident? The cops may have screwed the pooch but you folks damn sure don't know the facts if you weren't there. If the cops had let him drive home and he'd had an accident, you all would have crucified them for that as well.... instead of playing the blame game when you don't know the facts.-------------------------------------------------------------

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2 plead guilty to selling stolen goods

TheOriginalCA (Anonymous) says: When a business such as Yellow House or pawn shop purchases goods from individuals, they are "supposed" to check the goods against a theft database to ensure that they are not stolen. Sounds to me as though Yellow House not only turned their backs on proper procedure, but had knowingly engaged in many illegal activities for quite some time.----------------------------Yellow House is not a pawn shop, they are not under the same regulations or protections as a pawn show and this procedure you speak of does not apply to them.

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