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Nobel winners defend teaching evolution

The decision making criteria for Intelligent Design conclusions is "I think I see it, therefore it is real."

In the world of Intelligent designers, reality is created by popular vote.

It is Dogma defined.

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Nobel Laureates urge rejection of intelligent design

Whats Next is Intelligent weather. Didn't anyone notice that Katrina destroyed New Orleans just days before the "Southern Decadence" festival? This is where gays, lesbians, and associates get together for a party. It is sanctioned by the New Orleans city government.
Katrina, a category 5 storm was designated a "500 year" storm. Why then did it happen just days before Southern Decadence? The chances are too small to leave to chaos, this was definitely INTELLIGENT WEATHER! Oh thank God, the Great One is reaking havoc against sinners - also hospitals, old age homes, poor people, the infirmed and animals.

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