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Brownback administration pushes website to report waste in state government

I'd like to report Brownback & Kobach's salaries as the biggest waste in government currently.

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Kansas activists say they'll seek to recall Kobach

I'm with you! Kobach is almost as bad as Brownback.

They should've posted a link to the guy's website or his contact information in this story.

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Local resident creates a labyrinth

Cool idea.....

.......but Stan Herd called......he wants his idea back...


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Court, classroom still home to ex-KU guard Billy Thomas

Billy Thomas is a class act.
He was always one of my favorite players at KU.
I worked at a store downtown during the time he played at KU.
He would come in occasionally and was always so nice.

I'm glad to see him doing well. Self should consider bringing him on to take Hinson's old job.

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Sound Off: When does Knology plan to update the “info” displayed on the channels in Topeka that they

typo: I meant to type "charge us"......not "change us" in the 2nd paragraph...

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Sound Off: When does Knology plan to update the “info” displayed on the channels in Topeka that they

I don't know why anyone would care that the Topeka channels are gone. They were terrible anyway. Their local news looks like it was shot in someone's garage with a cell phone. It's not in HD and looks like a small town/ameteur video compared to the KC stations.
There have been instances where they broadcast a KU game in standard def, when it's in HD on the KC stations. Losing the joke Topeka stations is no loss if you ask me.
If they want to change us to get it when they're broadcasting it for free over the air, heck with them.

I don't like that Knology took over, since you now talk to someone in Georgia when you call 841-2100 but the service is still great. However, Sunflower built a pretty awesome platform and that hasn't changed. The video quality and the internet speeds can't be beat. My parents have satellite. It's fuzzy and goes out if the wind blows more than 2 miles an hour or if it sprinkles outside. Another friend of mine has Uverse. It looks OK, but looks a bit fuzzy compared to my Knology.

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Fieldhouse slobs

Don't sign up to be a trashman for the day if you don't want to clean up trash.

The fans respect the Fieldhouse. This is just something that everyone knows gets cleaned up after each game. When you have 16,300 screaming fans jumping up and down, the occassional popcorn is going to get spilled, hotdog stepped on, etc...

Quit whining or quit volunteering for stuff like this.

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Are you going shopping on Black Friday?

The last day of the year I'd want to be in a store is today.
50,000 people in your thanks!

People that flock to the stores at 2am like sheep are idiots.

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What have you done with the old TV you replaced with a new flat screen TV?

I was able to sell my old 26" tube for $100 and a 36" for $150.
The coax input didn't even work on the 36". However, the guy was OK with that, since he was going to use it to connect to his gaming system by RCA inputs.

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